Seize a cure

Has anyone seen the epilepsy awareness bracelets that say "Seize A Cure". I have heard of them, but do not know where to find them. My son is 11 and has epilepsy and would like to have some of them.

Thanks, Jonna-Matthew's Mom


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The Epilepsy Foundation used to have them, but they have created the new red/blue style.

One option would be to create your own on the following site:
that is if the price is right for you.

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I also found a posting on a website dated 07/25/2006:

"Icon is of the 'Seize a Cure' Epilepsy Wristband my hubby and I created. If interested email"

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Her and her hubby did create bracelets..
They are purple and do say seize a cure.
They have a littel girl with epilepsy...

Please email her if interested just put bracelet in hte subject line of email.

I think these are great seeing they are purple for epilpesy

Jen, Mom to Danny Jr who we lost to Epilepsy on 12-26-01 age 3
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