A Safe Place!

I have created my own blog, outside of epilepsy.com to share my epileptic journey. i invite you to stoy by! it is a safe place to read and share thoughts, questions, concern, fears...whatever you got!

we all struggle and have questions. i want to be there to reach out to and help as many other people as i can.


i look forward to seeing you!



Re: A Safe Place!

That's a great idea. I was thinking about making a blog about my experience with Epilepsy. Is it a huge process you have to go through to create a blog? :)

Re: A Safe Place!

Hi VivaciousGemini22,

Blogs are easy to start, but they tend to stall, become very sticky, or very volatile.

The count and result types are very variable & wide. For instances, the phrases:
"baby seals", "Omar Khayyam", "predestination", or "mind/brain"
with some of my blogs of blogs experiences.

A comment about "baby seals" brought undesired locating attention back from a stalker from about 40 years ago.

A question about "Omar Khayyam" brought a flood.

Deja vu with "predestination" brought official banishment.

And, "mind/brain" under epilepsy/neurology might be catching on fire again, fueled by the whims of effervescent political strategies (why would the American Enterprise Institute be under the rock being used as a major supporting stepping stone, and with "only myths" nonchalantly dismissed with the concerns about poverty impacting healthcare???).


P.S. Sphenoidal Electrodes are an additional pain I hope to avoid for myself, and seizure injuries/infections/complications involving being at ERs tend to the extremes of either for me to "leave & get lost" or that I am near death, requiring heroic interventions to be saved.