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NEW Life Line Product That You Will Still Wear Around Your Neck



   Hi There -

   I am very new to this posting thing but I feel it's very important for people to be aware of a new "Life Line" device you wear around your neck.  It's made by the same manufacturers of Life Line and this brand new device is called "AUTO ALERT".

  What it will do is automatically detect you falling over then proceed with the usual routes of calling our loved ones.

  It works too.  I am quite pleased with mine and it allows me just that much more of independence.  Now I don't know if I'm typing into all of North America or just the USA or CDA, but I'm more than sure that both our beautiful countries have this and if not, why the heck not! Due to my disability, the gov't is picking up the usual $35.00 tab too so that's a good thing.

 I felt it necessary for all us epileptics to always know the latest and greatest out there....

Bye for now -  Bad Kitty

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