I just received the book, "Dings," by Dr. Lance Fogan in the mail on Thursday afternoon. I read the book in three days. It is a very educational and inspirational story about a 8 year old boy who had a febrile seizure and the doctors put him on the anti- convulsant medication Dilantin. The ER doctor recommended he go see a pediatric neurologist. The mother found out that her son has complex partial seizures and the neurologist took him off the Dilantin and placed him on Keppra twice a day. His father is at war in Iraq and due to that, the teachers came to the conclusion that might be the reason why his grades are slipping when in reality, it is not.

I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in a good book to read and to learn a bit of information about Epilepsy.

I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did.

ELIAES (Express, Love, Involve, Advocate, Educate, and Support)


Re: "Dings"

Teacher kepy writing me up for day dreaming when I was in 7th grade. My tests showed I understood and knew what was being presented in class. About 4 months later I had a grand mal seizure at school before classes started. It took a study dome during spring break to find the cause of my seizures. I was diagnosed with grand mal prttit mal and focal motor epilepsy. The diagnoses was done in 1963 so the names have changed but the day dreaming were absence or simple partial seizures. I got no answers from the neuro then maybe because I was 13. He did tell my other what it was and that they had found the scar tissue which was the cause of my seizures. Needless to say I wanted answers to my question. What is epilepsy? I had to write an essay in english and I could write it on anythng I wanted to. So I researched Epilepsy in the library found the types I had and what causes seizures and what should be done if people see someone in a seizure. I got an A/B and had to read it in front of all her classes. I had to read it in front of my science teachers class. At the next assembly I had to read it to te  entire  student body. I was tired of having to read it becasue I already knew it by heart. I gave it to the vice prinecable. I found out 5 years later it was still being given to the student body because it information people needed to know.

Dilantin is a good medication and was great when I used it which was for 35 years. I also know what keppra has been doing for me. Keppra has reduced my seizure count. The time I am in seizures has also reduced along with the time it takes to get back to normal. My seizures would last from 1 minute to several. The time it took to get back to normal was 15-45 minutes. Seizures now and seconds and getting back to normal range fron 10-45 seconds.

Education is important. The young people today need to understand that techonology has gotten better. Many of them don't think or realize that the internet hasn't been around much longer than they have been alive. We hadn't landed on the Moon when I graaduated from school. But then kids today aren't held back for not completing their course because they are taught the answers to the tests rather than the subject. 

Re: "Dings"

True dat. True dat. I agree with you 100%. So many people out there in the world doesn't know what Epilepsy is. The result of that lies within misunderstandings and stigmas placed upon people with Epilepsy. Hopefully, this would teach them how to take the necessary precautions when they see someone having a seizure. I felt like this book was meant for me to read. That sounds weird but it's true. The 8 year old boy was diagnosed with the same seizures that I have and is on one of the medications that I am taking for my seizures. It was a match made in heaven. Literally lol. I liked it!