Depression Associated with Epilepsy...Specialists?

Hi there, my name is Rebekah and I was wondering if anyone knew of any specialists/epileptologists in the United States of whom specialize in psychiatry-related problems to Epilepsy. See, I have had epilepsy for eleven years (since I was 10), and have been medicated for nine. I've tried three medications before, of which only two have worked, but both give me debilitating depression and all sorts of anxiety and suicidal thoughts. My life has literally been on pause for almost a decade, and since I live in Alaska, there aren't any nearby neuroscience institutes or anything...just basic neurologists. I've tried antidepressants...everything, to try and stimulate a seratonin response, but nothing has worked. I haven't genuinely been a happy person for as long as I've been on medication, and my mom is finally listening to me and is prepared to take me to an out-of-state specialist while I take a break from college.

I would like to know: (1.) If there are any epilepsy specialists/neuroscientists out there who specialize in depression that is related to AEDs and/or if anyone on here has seen a specialist who is very thorough in treating the psychiatric side- effects of epilepsy.(2.) where the flip I can find them (3.) if they have an email/website.

Your Response Is GREATLY appreciated,
Rebekah McQuown