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vaccines cause epilepsy?

Epilepsy & vaccination

In 1998, federal public health officials at the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, Public Health Service (Pediatrics; March 1998) found that a causal relationship exists between live measles vaccine and encephalopathy after analyzing cases of children who received measles vaccine alone or in the combination MMR shot and, within 15 days of vaccination, suffered neurologic signs that progressed to death or mental regression, retardation, chronic seizures, motor and sensory deficits and movement disorders.---BL Fisher


I was just looking at this same info on my son's vaccine papers.  The moderate symptoms of some vaccines are "staring" or absence seizures.  I did not know this and was not informed of this at the time of his shots.  my son was perfectly fine for 4 1/2 years we go to get vaccinated for school in 12/09 and he starts to have symptoms later that month and in Feb/2010 he is dx with seizures.   Something isn't right, we need to be doing more research on this guys. 


wow. how sad. and disgusting. and horrible. thank you for this discussion. i keep searching for epilepsy in conjunction with vaccine injury. lots out there in regards to autism, but not necessarily just epilepsy. 

my 2 year old daughter received a combo shot (PEDIARIX) of dtap, polio and hep b. 2 days later she has complex partial seizure, secondary generalization, status epilepticus. at the ER, no one paid any attention when i said she'd just had a vaxx. 6 weeks later, another seizure, same type, but needed 4 medical interventions to stop it after over an hour. ambulance, hospitalizations, and now an epilepsy diagnosis. almost $25,000 in medical bills. our local neuro as well as neuro at mayo clinic dismiss, scold the notion that a vaxx is involved. i am BEYOND angry. i hope the greedy big pharma machine is happy with their money while my daughter, family suffers. 

seeing a DAN doctor now, working on ways to treat her.  if this has happened to you/your kids, please go see a DAN doctor. 

would welcome comments from others in same situation or updates from some of these older comments. i wonder how these kids from 6-7 years ago are doing now??

I'm very new to epilepsy and in the stages of researching it awaiting our first eeg, so if i'm using the wrong names for my descriptions, please forgive me and please do correct me as i'm only learning. My daughter had her first seizure about 12 hours after her mmr shot at 12 months. When i contacted the administering GP we were told it was a normal reaction to the vaccination febrile seizure, and it will not happen again. from then on she started having myoclonic seizures where her eyes would roll for a split second. when i mentioned this to the gp they said, those will go away with time. instead of going away they have increased in length and frequency. within 6 months i have started noticing absence seizures around 3-5 seconds long periods of spacing out, from which i couldn't get her out. gradually the eye flutters have been joined by an arm jerk. that's when i was sure this wasn't going to go away and requested an appointment (very long waiting times to see a neurologist here...). as she started to have night episodes of a series of myoclonic and absence seizures in rapid succession we got 'fast tracked' but still waiting for the appointment.

all this time while talking to gps they all deny any connection between the mmr shot and the seizures, they refuse to register this as a vaccine reaction. if she has had hit her head 12 hours prior to having the first seizure, this would have been the explanation, but in the case of vaccines there's a wall of denial.

My son had his 1st seizure IN THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE 1-2 minutes after receiving two vaccinations. The seizures continued from that day forward. Three years later, the FDA
and the CDC began a study to investigate the increase in reports of seizure following the Flu vaccine. In July 2011, I read that the preliminary results indicated that there is an increased risk of seizure when the Flu vaccine is given in conjunction with other vaccines, although the risk is less than 10%, with less than 1% of those children going on to develop a residual seizure disorder. We just happened to be in that less than 1% of 10% :-(  Of course, the VAERS "table" did not list seizure as an adverse reaction at the time that my son's problems began. The doctor informed me that there was no evidence of a link between the shots and my son's immediate adverse reaction so there was nothing to report&quot. The compensation program is very clear about a 3 year statute of limitations that begins from the date of injury, rather than the date of diagnosis - or the date of recognition by the medical community. Consequently, my son's problems, while reported to the pediatrician, were never reported to VAERS, so we're on our own trying to help him :-(

If your child has been injured by a vaccine, the people who can help you are called DAN! doctors:

The method of treatment is called biomedical treatment:

This is your best option as conventional medicine offers nothing more than suppression of symptoms with drugs that further damage the brain.

Good luck!

I have a 3/12 year old daughter that started having seizures 9 days after her 1st MMR vaccine at 21 mon.  But that is not the first sign of something wrong with these vaccines.  At 2 months just after her vaccines she started crying uncontrollably the Dr., said it may be from the DTap shot so we decided not to give the pertussis part of the shot in the future.  With her 3rd round I waited until she was 19 months and only got the Hep B and PCV, she had no reaction.  Then the 4th round at 21 months is when she got the MMR and the Hep B.  This is when she had what they say is a febrile seizure, she was not sick and no one in the house was.  She just woke up with a fever and she was having a seizure, strange.  Funny how the 2 vaccines (pertussis and MMR) they say may cause seizures are the ones my daughter had reactions to.  I have not given her any more vaccines since then as I truly believe that this is what has triggered the seizures.  She had another seizure at 3 years of age on her birthday, which lasted at least 40 minutes and they had to use drugs to bring her out of it.  She has since been on Keppra and was doing fine until I missed a couple of doses in a row and today she had another seizure which lasted just a couple of minutes.  The Dr's will not even go there in saying that the vaccines are the cause, when I bring it up they just move on to something else.   This is what is frustrating, can't they just say well maybe but that would mean going against the BIG Drug companies.  I will not give my child any further vaccines.  They say there is evidence that says they don't cause Autism or any other problems, well I am sorry but you can't take a vaccine out of a child once they have been given it, so how can they prove this?

What is the thought on yearly flu shots ?? I work in healthcare and they really push flu shots yearly to prevent a out break of some terrible flu.
Do the flu shots make seizures worse if so I rather not have them . Is there any data on that ?

I thought about this as I don't really like the thought of mixing more chemicals with my AEDs that could cause side effects .

When I was being trained as a Neurodiagnostic Tech. , I only saw one young child w/ a reaction. I am sorry to read of others that have had reaction.  I pray things get better.

When I had my first baby,  I questioned this and the pediatrician reassured me that they would be fine and gave me a small ratio of 2:100,000 would get a reaction. That was in a ratio of normal patients and then told me 3,4:100,000.  He reassured me that I was very healthy not worry about it.

My second child, I was on more medication, she is very healthy and is going to high school next year.  My first is my son, he is going for his Eagle Scout and is rebuilding storage units, for people in transition during this time period. 


Can some vaccines (not all vaccines) possibly cause a few cases of epilepsy here and there (not all cases of epilepsy)? Likely answer: yes (my view). The topic of vaccines is a hot topic because of business interests/business guilds. Vaccines are such a hot topic that major efforts have been made to silence discussion of vaccines (example: the United Kingdom - autism and possible linkage to the MMR vaccine). My view today is that there likely have been a few cases of epilepsy/whatever due to some vaccines or bad batches of vaccines but again, there are economic/business forces which attempt to censor discussion of the topic - forces which are similar to non-profit religions which pontificate from Salt Lake City or Mecca or Rome - aka a variation of Eisenhower's military-industrial complex aka the vaccines-industrial complex/whatever. If bad batches/whatever of vaccines cause neurological challenges, then efforts must be made to make changes here and there to reduce this/ideally prevent it. Bottomline: Do vaccines cause all of epilepsy? No, not at all. Many cases of epilepsy are due to causes other than vaccines such as car accidents, etc. In general I tend to look at vaccines a little like food additives - there are a few cases (a handful of instances) of extreme sensitivities to a few food additives but those few cases are quite different than saying all the world's neurological challenges are due to food additives or vaccines or lack of megadoses and megadoses of Vitamin C/whatever, or the fluoride in the water. Is it clear that the vaccine question can open up the possibility of litigation for damages and that threat may be such that the vaccines/industrial complex will use the tobacco industry approach: there is not a shred of evidence that tobacco causes health problems - why President Ronald Reagan even promoted the sales of Chesterfield cigarettes so we all know that smoking must be healthy, right? Why not have vaccines carry a caution label which says something like: Most persons who receive this vaccine can tolerate it, however, in a few cases side-effects can result; however, if that happens, the people responsible for the vaccines will automatically deny it and move on using the proven principle of: business as usual. Also, sorry, no refunds. Have a good day. Words: attempted humor, humor, irony, sarcasm, business as usual, hey - life is not fair, morality as defined by the Homer Simpson TV show/the All In The Family TV show (Archie Bunker), etc.

I am a soldier in the U.S. Army and I did not start having seizures until I had vaccanations to go over seas... it was my first seizure ever.. and now they have gotten worse.. so this is my reason I do believe vaccines can cause seizures... I wish this upon no one, no matter how mad they make me!! Hope everyone lives a normal and healthy life!! GOD BLESS!!

We do not vaccinate and have two kids with epilepsy. So in our case at least, we know for sure the cause is not vaccinations. Neither of our kids have had any vaccinations.

My son is now 6years old and has been having seizures since he had his first vaccine at 2mths of age, He had his first seizure about 36 hrs after his needle. He did not have any fever, actually has never had a febril seizure ever, but has had a multitude of others. We did not have any more innoculations given to him. When he started school we signed an exempt form due to medical reasons. He has been in school now for 3 years. I also read "A Shot in the Dark" 51/2 years ago. It scared the &?%& out of me! I was so thank full that my husband agreed with me when we did nothave Sean innoculated anymore. 

God Bless


Hey infantyman11B,

My name is Joe and my wife and I were also in the Army. She began having seizures days after deployment vaccines as well. PLEASE try to contact me on here, as I would love to talk about your progress, medications if any, symptoms, legal action???


i am so so very sorry and angry for what has happened to your daughter. i am also new to epilepsy, about 6 months since my daughter's 1st seizure. i know how scary, confusing, devastating it can be. and when children like yours and mine have a seizure after a vaccination and then all doctors involved refuse to even discuss a possible connection, it is an outrage. all i ever wanted was a conversation. i have yet to get one from any conventional doctor, whether a pediatrician, neurologist. according to the package insert of the shot my daughter received, seizures ARE LISTED AS A SIDE EFFECT. in light of that, we deserve a conversation. unfortunately, i beleive that no matter what doctor you see, they will never admit a connection due to liability.

i was able to have a conversation with an integrative m.d., who is also a trained DAN doctor in our area. i would suggest that you find a DAN doctor for your daughter to see. they WILL discuss what has happened, and they do have treatments to help your child. we see our DAN doctor in conjuction with our local pediatric neurologist (who by the way does not agree with DAN protocol). we are the parents so it is our choice how to treat our child. unfortunately, our health insurance does not cover most of the DAN doctor's services, due to his independent, non-pharmaceutical stance. we pay for the services out of pocket. 

i would also suggest that you get a copy of your child's medical record, including the name, lot # of the shot she received prior to the seizure.  take all your info and contact a vaccine lawyer (personal injury type lawyer dealing specifically with vaccine injury). yes, there are actually VACCINE lawyers due to the high numbers of injury from vaccines. there is a special vaccine court set up by the fed. gov't to hear these cases. you very well may have a case. this will cost you nothing. the lawyers are paid out of a fund set up by the gov't. it is worth it to try. 

also, you should go to the VAERS website and report the incident. YOU CAN REPORT it even if your doctor won't. keep a copy of the report and your report number for reference. in fact, keep a whole file with all medical records, reports. you will no doubt need all this reference again. 

again, i am so sorry. i am so, so angry about what is happening to my child and yours, and the countless other well meaning parents who faithfully trust their doctors and allow these vaccinations only to watch their child suffer the consequences.  people are profitting off this. it makes me sick. i wish i had known better. 

please feel free to private message me. 

Thank you for your reply,
It makes me so angry too, I wish i had researched vaccines before i blindly went for it. I trusted our medical professionals and would never have questioned the vaccine system until this. It's really hard to deal with the feeling of guilt over this, but that's another subject I guess.
We live in Ireland and I have tried for nearly two years to get my hands on a report form to let someone know about this, but i keep getting fobbed off by the Health Services and it seems the only way to report this is through a GP, who are all refusing to do this.
Thanks for the tip on getting a copy of our vaccine schedule and medical record, i will get onto this asap.
Needless to say my daughter will not receive any more shots. And every time i say that to a GP i get a lecture on how dangerous measles is, that it can be deadly. Honestly, in hindsight, I'd rather her have gotten the natural immunity to measles, as unpleasant as it is (I know as i've had it) than suffer from Epi for the rest of her life, as from what i've read, this kind of Epi is unlikely to go away.
Of to google what a DAN doctor is.
Thanks again and hope your child (and mine) get better

I just wanted you to know that I agree with you. My son Carter was a healthy baby until his 4 month old shots the night of his shots he started with his first of many seizures. He is now diagnosed with epilepsy and still having seisures. What is unbeleivable to me is the Doctors dont even acknowlege it was the vaccines.

I agree. My daughter started having seizures within 48 hours of her 6 month shots and I still can't get any doctor to listen to that. She has myoclonic seizures and one of the rare side effects of DTaP is absence or jerking seizures...HELLO PEOPLE!! Now I'm afraid to give her any vaccines for fear that they will make her condition worse.

The more I read about vaccines the more unhappy I become. I'm leaning towards giving no more vaccines to my child and to not give any to future children. I know many don't agree with that, and 9 months ago I was in that group, now though, I would give anything to go back to her birth and tell them no vaccines until age 2.


I just logged for the first time in a long while. My son has been having neurological problems, seizures, movements that doctors aren't sure what to call, etc. since last May. He was a healthy 18 mos. old little boy and then 11 days after his checkup (vaccines) he vommitted and had a 1+ hour seizure. We lived in the hospital for over 50 days on and off with different doctors looking at different things. He has had genetic tests including a muscle biopsy and everything was normal. Different people, family members and friends have mentioned the possibility of this being caused by vaccines. All of his doctors dismiss that right away. My son has several developmental setbacks. He no longer sits up or stands or uses his hands. My family is hurting so much, does anyone have any advise for us. We need help. S

Your story sounds alot like mine.  My son started having seizures right after his 6 month vaccines.  He had two febrile seizures and then one that last 68 minutes long in the ER at Childrens.  Not one doctor asked about his vaccines.  To this day, not one doctor has acknowledged it could his vaccines.  I read Jenny McCarthy's book Mother Warriors.  I know that is about children with Autism but I was shocked by all the characteristics they have in common.  Seizures, rahes and stomach issues.  I am going to call tomorrow and take my son to a DAN!doctor.  He has been on two anticonvulsant meds and neither have worked.  Keppra made his aggresive and violent.  Trileptal causes him to have more frequent seizures.  He has had 9 in the past month whereas he had 8 in only 7 months.  His seizures would only come while he was sleeping at first.  Now that he is on the medicine, they are coming while he is taking a bath, standing in line at a carnival, playing at McDonalds or riding in the car.  So I had to ask myself, "Why am I putting him on a medicine that is only making him worse?" I am going to try the DAN! doctor way and see what happens.  I was wondering if you had tried this type of method?

I am a lawyer in Houston, Texas. My firm reprensents several parents of children who have received these shots and then suffered seizure disorders. In effort to learn more about this and to get in contact with doctors who believe in the connection I have been researching online. If any person reading this has any information, experiences, or names of doctors that they feel would be helpful please contact me at

try Dr Tenpenny

I'm so happy to find this site! My grandson and his mother lives with me and my husband and when he received the 1st series of dTap shots he had his first seizure at 4 months within 12 hours after receiving the shot. It lasted over an hour and the attending
ER doc didn't believe us about the length of his seizures. No break, just constant seizing. He was transferred to a city hospital (we live in a small town) and the attending doctor there said that vaccination shots could cause seizures. Later,he change his story and said
it was a virus that caused the seizure. However, another doctor said that vaccination shots could cause seizures. Then another
doctor said it was a febrile seizures. We spent 4 days in the hospital where 5 different doctors couldn't agree on why he suffered
a seizure. I read "A Shot in the Dark" after speaking with my naturopathic doctor and was scare myself. I used to wonder why my
grandkids were getting so many vaccinations shots at such a young age when my generation didn't nor did my parents! My grandson
suffered another seizure after my daughter was pressured to continue his vaccination shots, ( I wasn't there to provide support
in her decision not to vaccinate him anymore) at 6 months. Still the doctors wouldn't admit it was the vaccination shots. After his
2nd seizure I wouldn't allow my grandson to be vaccinated anymore but I believe the damage is done. Everytime my grandson gets
a virus in his system he suffers a seizure that last on average 30 minutes or longer! No brain damage and these are grand mal
seizures. Praise God he's still a happy and lovable baby. He'll be 2 in a couple of weeks but we're still walking on eggshells waiting
for the next seizure to hit when he's ill. I'm checking out that DAN! doctor info and the ketogenic diet.

I'm new to this site. Your story sounds very similiar to mine. My son started with his first seizure activity the morning after his 6 month shots, one being DTAP. He was diagnosed at 8 months with a seizure disorder and put on meds. As of now he is 21 months old and is still on meds, mostly controlled. It amazes me and sadens me how neither his pediatrician or neurologist thinks there is a correlation. I have not had any more shots given to my son so far. Still I have alot of worry about harming him by giving more immunizations. I'm not sure what I'll do at his 2 year checkup.

Read the book "A Shot in the Dark" and then decide. It was very helpful for me. For example, did you know that vaccines contain formaldehyde and milk protein as well as the active ingredients? Would you let someone shoot formaldehyde into your child's veins if you knew it was there? Very informative book.

I made my decisions based on the individual vaccine, the risks of the vaccine, the risks of the disease it was protecting against, the effectiveness of the vaccines (They are not 100% effective anyway). For example, tetanus is the one vaccine that does not currently have a risk of death associated with it. Also, for many vaccines, the government has a fund set up for children who have been "damaged" by the vaccine. My son's seizure with his first vaccine is on record with the Health Department only because I called in and went through the interrogation necessary to get it recorded. This should be, but is generally not, done by the doctor. Just some info.


this is what happend to my son Christopher ,he was born normal and at about 4 months he started having seizures too..I still think it was vaccines because it was during that time . After the shot he got sick vomitting ,fever then the siezure and of course the Doctors say it`s not possible .

My oldest boy suffered seizures from the MMR shot when he was 15 months after he received his immunization shots. They would not give him his MMR shots after that. If there is any questions about that immunizations he doesn't receive it and gets a letter from his physician explaining why the child does not receive the immunization. When the child turned almost 16 he has started to develop epileptic seizures now and they are treating them with Lamictal at this point and he seems to be handling it all very well. I would differently look into what immunization is causing the child to have the seizure and refuse for the child to continue to have the immunization. I also have a friend that suffered from a reaction from a seizure from the polia shot when it first come into effect and now suffers serve seizures from it and has some other serve side effects from it. So I would be very careful on what you continue to provide your child on immunization shots to your child because obviously one of them are not agreeing with the child.

id have to agree mine had her 6 month needles then the siezures started im only knew at this stuff and only found out to nights ago that she now has epilepsy i duno what sort of epilepsy as i didnt know there was heaps of different types shes now 2 years old and stil having them shes on epilim but makes her go crazy and uncontrolable i duno if its just the meds and docs are suggesting up the doasage

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