toddlers with speech delays?

I'm just curious how many epileptic toddlers out there have a speech delay. 

 Owen will be 2 in a couple of weeks.  He's been on Keppra for about a month. He says MAYBE
10-12 words.  Most of them sound like Ba.  He's in speech therapy and has been since January, with some progress.

I wonder if there may be some connection... 


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My son will be 2 in a few weeks. He has a couple things that sound like they might be words but hard to tell.

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Hi LittleO'sMom,

I have a son who is almost 2.5 now and he doesn't have e. At 2 I was worried just like you because he had hardly any words and they too were mostly "ba" sounding. Don't worry about it. He's not even delayed in learning probably. I asked a lot of moms and the pediatrician and everyone told me the same thing. First, if you watch, there's probably a lot of other things he's concentrating on learning to do. Therefore, speech is coming slower because he's put it on the back burner. Next, the pediatrician asked us if our son understood things when we told him to do stuff. He understands everything and we can tell that. He said not to worry as long as he understands what you tell him because he's seen lots of kids that say very little at 2 and by 3 have a huge vocabulary.

I can tell you that at 2 Joey said very little. Then all the sudden in the last 2 months he's really blossomed at trying to say lots of new words. Many of them still have ba and da in them. He hasn't mastered the other consonant sounds yet. Even though he says mama he won't use the m sound with anything but mama yet.

So don't worry. It's actually normal for boys to learn speech slower than girls and he's not behind. He's probably just working on learning something else that doesn't require speech yet.

:o) Karen

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Same here.  At 2 he didn't say much.  6 months later, his speech exploded.  Just wait!

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I have a 20 months and barely says that many my daughters main problem is memory she may say words that u may never hear again so its hard to say. she has special care at home so shes gettin there. she use to communicating with her hands till thats all she wants to do. i think that there is a connection.

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My daughter started having seizures shortly after her first birthday.  She is now 22 months and has a speech delay as well.  We are looking in to getting her some speech therapy.  I think it is deffinately related to the seizures, as she was saying more things before the first one (she has had 21) than she does now.  It really set her back.  I am not sure whether the Keppra has anything to do with it, but she is on that as well.

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My baby is 3yrs and 3mnths old (one of triplets).  She has been diagnosed with (MAE) epilepsy since Feb this year. Her vocabulary is made up of words like dada and mama.  In comparison to her siblings, she is +-2yrs behind.  I have not tried speech therapy cos we are still trying to get her eiplepsy under control.  My baby is on Keppra for a week now. She is on Elpilim, Lamictal and Rivitril as well.