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Hello...I am new to this son may have petite mal seizures....since finding out that this may be true, we have been noticing a few things recently....the one I have that is most standing out is Vomiting....when sleeping he has been...for over a 2 months...waking at night and vomitting...he has gone weeks without vomitting....attributed to a stomach bug the first few times..but tonight...I began to wonder if he is possibly vomitting following a seizure....the doctor said that he could be having multiple ones while sleeping.

Has anyone every heard of net search has been rendered useless!


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after my partials and/or partial complexes... I typically get a strong sensation of wanting to vomit that hits me instantly.  I do not actually vomit and I do not have nausea... but suddenly and instantly it hits me but then it leaves me just as quickly.

the only 2 neuros I've had both said this was not a symptom of any type of seizure known

I find it very interesting that so many folks who have seizures and/or epilepsy have differing symptoms and that there are differing ways to diagnose seizures.. I have certain symptoms that because they aren't labeled "classic" my only 2 neuros deem me as not having seizures but instead pseudo and yet... so many others share the exact same symptoms as I and actually have been diagnosed with seizures.

My EEGs have been normal but the MRIs have showed abnormalities consistent with possible causes of seizure activity and I had a CHI of moderate intensity prior to their onset.  Yet, because not each symptom I have is considered "classic"... I'm told pseudo.

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This site is Heaven sent. My daughter has epilepsy and now she has started vomiting at least once a day. It started 6 days ago. She has had a terrible childhood for a 3 year old because of painful seizures that went undiagnosed until she turned 3 years old.

Could it be abdominal Epilepsy?

She was diagnosed with GERDS but the medicine she was not working so it wasnt' GERDS she was having Seizures the entire time.

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recently there was a show--MYSTERY DIAGNOSIS which had a child who woke up coughed and vomited every night. It was determined she was having seizures. I do not remember the neurologist's name / city but maybe if you check the show's web site you can locate it. My son usually vomits with seizures too.


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Oh my God. I know that episode. i have been trying to find it online to watch, if possible.

My daughter stopped vomiting after a week. I'm not sure what went on there.

I would like to know more about that episode though.

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This is called Abdominal Seizures. Sometimes with simple partials, vomiting can occur too.

Here is a site you may want to check out.

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Hi we have a 14 yr old girl who has had epilepsy for 5 yrs. Vomiting has been a definate thing to contend with, especially for the last 3 yrs.
However in her case it seems to be more the effect of meds than the seizures but there are times we are sure the seizures also have an effect

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My 23 year old daughter has had epilepsy since she was 9, and has tonic clonic type seizures. Most of hers are at night. We have gone through periods where vomiting after a seizure was a regular part of her post-seizure recovery. Many times, she also had a major headache, accompanied by the vomitting. It never seemed to be caused by the meds, because she took them in the morning also, and never had a problem then. I would definitely talk to the doc about this, and see if there is another med he can take that will better control his seizures. Make sure you place him on his side if he is still recovering from a seizure, so he won't aspirate it into his lungs.

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We realized my daughter Veronica (then 5)was having the EXACT type of seizures you son had, she would wander around during the night, sometimes just sit up in bed, scream and shake a lot.
I thought they were just nightmares and sleepwalking, but a closer look into her eyes, my husband knew it was a seizure- he said it was the same look I had after a seizure.
A couple of times she did vomit afterwards. My neurologist scheduled an EEG, and she had abnormal brain activity while she slept. She was put on Lamictal, (just like me) and I have not seen any problems during the night anymore.
I hope that helps out. You're not alone.

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I'm so glad I finally joined this, My son is eight now, his first major seizure was three years ago. I was wondering about the link to vomiting and epilepsy, and I agree that either it comes because he's had one, or because he's going to have one. It's scary to not know when or what's happening. Today is day four of his flu, and each time he complains about stomach ache I wonder if it was caused from the spacing out. Hopefully our doctor will call tomorrow and I can get some answers. He misses so much school!

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I get very strangly sick to my stomach before my seizures... and I do puke after the seizures...mostly when I'm having alot of seizure activity.....


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Wow every time I read here I find something else I,ve done but never "linked" or let myself beleive was linked to my szs. or was a bad thing and might hurt me. duh... wow. I do not have a child with E. I do and at 44 I,m just realizing how muchof this stuff i,ve done .
So no your kid is not alone My wife used to tell me I did this very thing but usally on awakening then go to the bathroom go through this episode in a daze then have a major g.m. one so bad I broke the toilet with my fist . I hope your child is well Rick. I would use a baby monitor.

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My daughter vomits after a seizure as well. We are getting a sleep mat so we can help through the night. Good luck

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What is a seizure "sleep mat" and an "anti suffocation pillow" and where do you get them?  I am new to this game.

My son is autistic and has been having seizures for a little over a year now. 

Please Help!! 



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sounds like possibly... Panayiotopoulos Syndrome...

hope this helps,

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I would look into the discount antisuffocation pillows at night. And because of the vomiting.

take care