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Suggestions for a monitor for my two and a half year old son....I am looking for a monitor I can use at night for my son. Our video baby monitor is not going to do the trick because our neurologist believes he is having  tonic seziures. The last two we saw no movement. One happened at night, he made noise so we woke up. The next one was silent. He has a history of tonic clonic seizures that are status even though he is medicated.

I have read alot and it seems that the Nonin 7500 pulse ox with 60000 CN sensor has worked for a few people. I don't care about cost given that his life is at stake. Any suggestions or advice about this sensor or any others would be appreciated. Ive read alot already and have seen various websites that review them, but I am looking for person experience and suggestions. Thanks so mucj!

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