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NEW and very concerned now

My name is danielle and my son is steven

hello I am new here I have a 22 month old son and sunday he was rushed to childrens national medical center because his wake sleep cycle was way off ( couldn't get him to stay awake or when he was he looked like in a haze.)
they said he was severely dehydrated but because we have seizure disorders on my husband they didn't rule it out but didn't study him. But now his Dr is worried because some of his night terrors might have been small seizures. (afterwards hard to wake and not himself) And now they think the tremors he had as a baby (lasted like a 2 months before he was diagnosed with hypotonia might of been warning signs)

can I please get advice because he hasn't had this happen before and today during nap he had like 6 jerky movements never woke up and when he woke up from his nap he was normal. what to expect during his first visit and what to ask the drs

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