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eeg for my 4 year old

Hi all, I'm a single mum to a 4 year old who has been diagnosed with epilepsy in April this year.

I've got a question for you all I hope you dont mind.

My son has to get a sleep deprived eeg on Tuesday morning at 8.30, so I've to keep him awake til 1am and then wake him again at 5am. I am sure that lack of sleep and tiredness is a big trigger to his seizures and fits, my question is;  if he has a seizure or cluster do I give his his rescue meds?

Dont know who else to ask on this one, I feel like I've been told by the docs, he's got epilepsy get on with it, no support at all.


Thank for any help


I'm sorry I don't have an answer and can't be any help since you and I are in the same boat! My 4 year old son was diagnosed with epilepsy in April of this year also. We didn't have to do the sleep deprived eeg, just the 24 hour. He was diagnosed with complex partial in the frontal lobe and started on trileptal, which started working very quickly. He has been seizure free for 10 weeks now. I hope your son does well also.

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