BRE (Benign Rolandic Epilepsy) and seizures worsen at puberty


I am wondering if anyone else with a BRE child has experienced a worsening of siezures at the onset of puberty.

My daughter is 10 1/2, and was diagnosed at age 4 1/2 with BRE after having one tonic clonic seizure which we witnessed. She spent  the first 3 years on Trileptal, then 3 years off meds. And for all those 6 years she was seizure-free. The neuro also said her EEG's were improving over time.

Then, 3 months ago, she started to get seizures again --partial complex and tonic clonic. The EEG showed worsened activity. And so the neuro put her back on Trileptal about 2 months ago, but she has had 2 break-through seizures since. (Most of her seizures these last 3 months have occurred during the day, too, although that's an issue for a different thread.)

We are of course disappointed and feel blind-sided by the return of the seizures after being free of them for 6 years.  I had also read that BRE can disappear at the time of puberty. But I'm wondering if the onset of puberty can, alternatively, bring about a worsening of the seizures. If anyone else has experienced the latter, I would be grateful if you would share your experience.

thanks in advance!