bed wetting

My son is 8 yrs. old and was born w/ Epilepsy.  I'm not to sure what to do many more about his bed wetting.  We don't drink after 7pm, I've talked to his doctors about it and they just keep telling it's normal for boys his age to still wet the bed.  I'm not to sold on the idea of it's OK!  My son has to wear pull ups to bed every night and sometimes that dosen't even work.  He hates it!!!  HELP!!!! Please tell us if you have tricks!!

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Re: bed wetting

Hi, I know what you are going through. It is frustrating. Is there a family history of bedwetting ?? My 12 year old is currently doing the bell and pad alarm system. We tried it about 2 years ago and it didn't work in the time it was supposed to, and then we had to give it back. We have just re-done the program, it is supposed to be around 6 weeks long, but he's in the 12th week now, and has just had the longest period of dryness ever.....9 nights!! We have to get to 14 nights though, or we have to start again.

We have only just had an EEG done that detected absence seizures and maybe even partial seizures and we haven't seen a neuro yet. Now I wonder if there is a link - but I will never know. My DS's father wet as well until around a similar age. When he (Son) has an important sleep over, he takes the tablet version of Desmopressin (copy of the hormone that is produced to stop the wetting), and this is successful in his case. We don't like to use it routinely though, it's got some potentially risky side effects if not taken absolutely correctly. Sorry to say that we have not found any tricks though, just time, patience and perserverance, and if all else fails acceptance!

Oh, actually one thing we did do before the Minirin tablets, if he had a sleep over and was embarrassed about the drinights pull-ups, I used to buy the Mens incontinence pads, and he'd put one in his underwear just before going to bed. We would then put on two pairs of underwear to stop the noise it makes when he walks, and hope that it would be enough to get him through the night without being detected.
Good luck, Michele