Adopting a Child with Epilepsy

Agape Adoptions is currently advocating for a little boy who has epilepsy. Beautiful Nathan needs a family where he can flourish. Six year old Nathan has lived most of his life in an orphanage in a European country. He was raised by his birth parents for the first year of his life. Nathan has been diagnosed with epilepsy, and he has significant developmental delays. Nathan cannot speak, but he can react and respond to his name. He loves to be cuddled and observe what is going on around him. Nathan tries to crawl, and he can stand when holding onto stable support. He enjoys holding toys and examining them. Nathan needs a family who will nurture and cherish him -- a family who sees in this little boy a life of great potential.

See a picture of Nathan here:

Could Nathan find hope as part of your family? Contact Myriam Avery, Executive Director, at 253-987-5804 or to learn more and "meet" Nathan through pictures and videos.