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2 1/2 yrs free and the it hits

My daughter started having seizures when she was just barely 2. She is now 13. We have had plenty of ups and downs. Seizure types changing, medications not working, side effects that only other parents here could understand and of course every school year is a new battle. But even with all of that I still considered us lucky. She has been able to have a "Normal" life. ( I hate that term as our normal isnt someone elses normal but its normal for us) She is now 13 almost 14 yrs old. She recently went 2 1/2 yrs without a seizure. We thought we were free and clear. She was coming off medication and happy as could be. Then about 6 wks ago with no warning she started having tonic clonic seizures. She has never had those. She had 6 in 30 mins. So back on meds we started. A week later she had 3 in 15 mins. Time to raise the medicine again. This has been our weekly pattern. Last week on thursday night she had yet another tonic clonic seizure, slept for about two hours and woke up freaked out. She couldn't remember anything except going to bed Wednesday night. An hour later she had an obvious absence seizure. No response, drooling and repeated motion.

At her last neuro visit they mentioned looking at and considering brain surgery as an option. This im not happy about. We have tried in the past Kepra, Trileptal, Zonergran and she is currently on Lamictal and Clorazipate. What other medications have teenagers tried that have the least amount of side effects if I have to change her medications agian?

I am at a lose right now on what she needs. I though when she was younger we had this all figured out and then one night it came crashing in

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