Very new to this!

So I am very new to this. My first seizure was in November 2013 and my second one 3 and a half weeks later just before Christmas. I went 18 and a half weeks without one until I had my third one yesterday. I have undergone an MRI which came back normal. I am now waiting for blood tests and an EEG. I have had no real answers from the neurologist and was discharged after my second seizure. After seeing my gp today I have now been stopped from driving again. 

All my seizures appear to be clonic tonic. The first warning sign I get is a brain fog which lasts about 20 seconds I then get a choking sensation and am unable to breathe. I then go into the seizure and am completely unconscious and cannot remember anything. When I come round I am a little confused and disorientated. During the seizure i normally bite my cheeks and dribble quite a lot. I have never been incontinent whilst having a seizure. I am absolutely petrified but just want some definitive answers. I am not currently on any medication and am continuing to work full time as a learning disability support worker. I'm unsure as to whether it may be stress causing the seizures I just thought I could manage stress. Any help appreciated. Thank you