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Stroke Survivor now epilepsy?

My neurologist put me on medication for seizures last week. I thought he was crazy, but the more I read about it the more I realize I have had seizures. I am 45 years old and had an ischemic stroke in my left cerebellum last year. I seem to have a lot more seizures since the stroke. I have had some of these symptoms for years though. I have deja vu a LOT. I have had it since childhood, my daughter also experiences it. I also have recently been talking in my sleep in what sounds like a different language *my husband has recorded it with his phone and played it for me.   I have many jerks and spasms but not whole body ones. I smelll cigarette smoke and black pepper, but neither one are near.... in fact I live on a large farm and know that there is no one around that might be smoking even *it's not like I live in a neighborhood where I could smell someone else's smoking. I have short moments of 'zoning out' and so on. Ever since I have been on the medication, I haven't experienced any of these things. I understand now that quite a lot of stroke survivors experience post-stroke seizures. So does this make me epileptic? Will I need to get a full EEG workup? And will I be able to drive again? my doctor said no driving for 6 weeks *I am assuming that's b/c he wants me to try the medication.  
Best wishes to the rest of you

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