single dad needs answers/help

Hi All,


My youngest son (6) has had night terrors since he was 2-3 years old. They only occured once every 3-5 months and he would wake up dazed/screaming and go right back to sleep. Abut 2 weeks ago they started back up except they started with him grabbing his mouth and screaming "i cant close my mouth". This would last about 30 seconds and when he would come out of it, he would fall right back to sleep and not remember anything. They are happenining more frequently (est.:12 times in 15 days)and are getting more severe. Of the 12 times they started: the "i cant close my mouth" thing happened for 2 or 3 nights and changed into more of a convulsing/seizure like activity. The right side of his face began to seize up, has a dazed look with eyes shaking, choking sound, and when he stops he begins to scream/cry again. Like I mentioned, with each night these are getting longer and seem worse. The choking/gagging seem to be a little harsher and last nights epeisode, his entire face was convulsing. 


I took him to our pediatrician last week when it started to happen with just the mouth incident and they said its psycological. I don't think it is so I went straignt to a neurologist who said he isnt 100% but it sounds like seizures. We have 2 eeg's scheduled this month (one on site and one portable) and i am waiting for my insurance pre-cert to come back so we can schedule the MRI. I notified our neurologist this morning that he had another one and it was worse so he said to take TRILEPTAL to prevent further issues. He said it can always be stopped and will not affect the EEG's or MRI. This is killing me..the fear of the unknown..holding my son while it seems he is choking and feeling like there is nothing I can do...

Has anyone experienced a night terror with what seems like a seizure during the terror?

Thanks in advance for your feedback