Re: should you let your child sleep after a seizure

Yes, let him sleep. When he has the seizure make sure he is on the floor where he will not injury himself. If he has been sick and has a lot of mucus make sure he is on his side so that the mucus and saliva does not choke him. Also time the seizure, anything over five minutes call the emt.  When someone has a siezure, usually they get grouchy when then come out of it. Then very tired. The best thing to do is to write down when he had the seizure and what kind he had.Keep a diary in case he has more. And keep an I on what he does today. Look for anything that he may have done different or that you may have done different.  Doctors don't usually diagnose epilepsy until they have had their third or fourth seizure. So don't worry that it may be epilepsy. My 6 year old was helped just by eating more fruits and vegetables. He wasn't getting a balanced diet. And my now 4 year old has been through three meds and only controling seizures with meds and MAD diet. With the brain it can be so many things that cause seizures. Hope these tips have helped. It is just what I have learned and what people have told me.