seizures occuring right after eating

does anyone get seizures during or after eating? Im beginning to wonder if this is a high blood sugar problem or something, since the dr's dont have any idea why im having seizures. i can just be sitting doing nothing and my hands curl in. happens alot throughout the day. not on any meds at this time. just had 72hr eeg and came back "normal". what questions can i ask my dr. now. have appt this fri. thank you..


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did you find out anything on seizures during or after eating? all the tests came negative and the Dr is confused on why this is happenning. Let me know if you have more information. Everytime it happens right after finishing food.



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I have had a grand mal seizure after consuming a drink with aspartame- and have noticed the same prelude to a seizure when I eat fruits with high sugar content on an empty stomach. like apples, red watermelon and grapes.

This is scary- doctors don't know what it is yet.
I just had an apple on an empty stomach and the same thing happened.

I really hope there are some of you out there who knows more about food induced seizsures or if it is diabetes related...

Re: seizures occuring right after eating

I do have to ask you what food are you eating and what is in the food? Are they processed food? For things like MSG and aspertame can be in products and does cause seizures. Msg may not be listed, but are sometimes written in a different name that you will not recognized. Let me know if you need the list.

How often do you eat? FOr that can play a role in low blood sugar levels too. How about low sodium?

Talk with your doctor about that.
I go have some of that info in my group

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Yah, thats not good if your having seizures after eating. From what I've read MSG and other food preservants, even ones in cereals can cause seizures. Did for me. Took me ten times to figure out that Oriental food gave me seizures because of the MSG.

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Hi Well I'm a diabetic myself and I started having Seizure in 2004 thats when I started having seizure the doctor I had then order a EEG but it came back normal so he didn't do anything else. Your blood sugar have to be very very high or very very low to have a seizure because of that. My Sugar never did either. well the seizure did stop after months of having them. Well in 2005 they started back and at this time I had a new doctor and he wanted to rule out my diabetes causing it. i was having them every night two to three back to back. well he found out that my diabetes was good and that wanted the issue but they had stop after a couple of months. I was very happy Then XMAS EVE of 2005 I had two back to back. well since janauary of 2006 I have had 13 seizure and my doctor said no way so he sent me to see a siezure doctor which I saw 3/6/06 and he was wonderful and he listen and he didn't make me feel like I was crazy. I had a EEG and it Was normal but he told me that people have seizure and they have a normal EEG but I had wrote down every seizure and my wife and kids saw me have one so they were able to tell him what they saw. So write down if you can remember when you have them or if someone seen it have them go to the doctor with you if not have them write down what they saw. Oh ya check your sister before you eat and after you eat to see what your numbers are. Good luck to you.

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hi there! I just wanted to make sure that you knew about reflex epilepsies. . . because it isn't that uncommon for people with epilepsy to find that eating can be a trigger, or even particular topics of conversation! (for me, all someone has to do is approach me about times and dates and numbers and I start to fade out. . . )

just another idea to throw into the cooking pot. (there is some good info on reflex epilepsy on this site)

good luck to you


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What about Hypoglcemia--LOW blood sugar? I have been epileptic for 10 years, I am also on VNS, and my seizures are petit mal. My seizures occur when I miss a meal or don't eat enough protein or carbohydrates. Due to Nocturnal Hypoglycemia, I have to eat a teaspoon of peanut butter or drink some soda to sleep through the night. If not, I wake up with increased heart rate and some trembling resulting into a seizure. I had a Grand Mal seizure in February from paying attention to the Diabetic Glaucometer which indicated normal blood sugar than to my body's messages which indicated that a seizure was pending. Within 30 minutes, my blood sugar suddenly dropped resulting in one of the worst seizures that I ever had. For years, my doctors tested me repeatedly for Diabetes and the tests have been negative. When my sugar starts to drop, I start to become dizzy and disoriented. Eating something high in carbs stops those feelings clearing my head.Sometimes,while I am eating, I have a seizure because I missed a prior meal, and my body is low on glucose. It takes approximately 1 -2 hours to convert food to the brain. Since snacking on nuts and raisins between meals, there has been improvement even to write this email. My concern is that increased activity also lowers blood sugar, therefore, I am nervous about weight gain due to the auras I receive when I try to exercise.

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Hello, my daughter is 8 months and has been having them since 4 months. she has been recently been put on femabaratle(sp) and our neighbor whose son is has just turned 5 months has been having then same issue. We have two separate neuro pediatric doctors. Mine just put our baby on meds and the neighbor's doctor said there is actually a condition when a child eats and then soon starts to fall asleep and has a seisure. I just found this out today while taking out the trash. I will find out the exact name and post it. best to luck to you. I know how scary it is.

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hello again. my neigbor said it was sleep myoclonus that her son was diagnois with. i did more research regarding celiac disease. it is where wheat and other grains are not able to be digested by the intestion tract and will cause seisure in infants. they can test to see if certain antibodies are higher and if they are it means the child is allergic to gluten and you will need to by gluten free food. My daugter is having a blood test. best of luck to you