seeing flashes of light

Has anyone experienced seeing flashes of light?  They lasted a few seconds then kept coming back off and on for a couple of hours.  I let my Dr. know about this and he wants another eeg done (my third one).  I have simple partial seizures.  If this has happened what kind of seizures do you have?


Re: seeing flashes of light

It starts throbing in one quadrant of vision and then grows into all my vision and I get nauseated and I want to throw up.  I then have a partial-complex seizure and am out for most of the day after that sometimes  I end up in the hospital because I have another one.  My husband says I have status since I have had children.  It doesn't happen very often.  I have had surgery twice.  My seizure focus is near my speech center and my visual center in the occipital lobe.  Each patient has a different focus.  My focus makes me sick to my stomach and if you have had anatomy and physiology.  My flashes look like mitochondria.  I also took microbiology too.  The flashes probably last looking at an EEG about 20 to 40 sec. put being a patient it seems for ever!  I hope that helps.