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scared and sad

2 days ago I was on a beautiful mountain drive with my hubby. We had been driving for about 4 hours and stopped for some fuel. We went inside, I used the restroom and then was going to make a coffee. I suddenly felt extremely nauseated and told my hubby I had to go outside. He remained in the store to make the coffee and pay. As I was leaving the store my eyesight was all messed up and next thing I knew of a guy was leaning over me in the parking lot. He said he seen me fall to the ground and my head and neck were jerking. When my husband got me awake I puked my guts out. I was sweating ALOT and I felt like I was about to loose control of my bowels but I didnt. Afterwards I felt like something sucker the life right out of me. I had never been so tired. I felt like I couldn't hold my own head up. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I am scared to death :-( 

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