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Rolandic Epilepsy and parasomnia

Hello everyone,

my 10 years son had a grand mal seizure back in Feb at night. After several months of tests (sleep deprived EEG, MRI), our neuro says that he is "consitent" with Roladic Epilepsy. He won't do a formal diagnosis because he says patients need to have 2 seizures to be diagnosed with any form of epilepsy. He said there's a 50% chance he have another seizure and in that case, we will start medication.

We told him that he has a history of parasomnia with night terrors, sleep waking, and in general a very hard time to fall asleep each night. Before the grand mal, he had several episodes of night terrors that really freaked us out. Nevertheless, the neuro won't account these for seizures or aura and maintain that his parasomnia and the BRE have nothing to do with each other.

We do want to do something about the parasomnia but we don't know what. The neuro said to try melatonin but i am not very convinced. I am pretty sure though that if we get better at eliminating his parasomia we would reduce the odd of another seizure which is our main goal.

I am reaching out to the community here for feedback from people in similar situation or any educated opinion as we're very new to this and not sure what to do.





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