reoccuring seizures due to stress brought on by apartment manager's harrassment

My boyfriend and I moved into an apartment complex last november. I was working at the time but had to quit my job in december of 2012 due to my seizures. My boyfriend didn't have a job at the time but we were managing to get the rent and bills paid with my child support and his odd jobs around the complex and I was doing the complex cleaning. I finally had to quit the complex cleaning in April of 2013 because my seizures were to bad toeven do that. We were getting behind on our rent and the manager was turning in to a real bitch by then. I n june , my boyfriend got a job and we had our rent caught up and our bills paid. But by August she was starting to harrass me everyday with texts, notes, coming to the apartment for different things while he was at work which was putting me under more stress and causing me to have more seizures, she would also let herself into our apartment if I didn't answer the door, so we gave her a 30 day move out notice on september 22nd of this year  (WHICH WAS 3 WEEKS BEFORE OUR 1 YEAR LEASE WAS UP) now she is trying to charge us $950 for breaking our lease plus keeping our $450 security deposit. I have doctor's notes from my neurologist stating that stress will bring on my seizures and I should not be in those kind of environments. I am wanting to fight this and turn her in for harrassment and mismanagement but I am not for sure how to go about doing it. Any advice would be helpful.I have witnesses as to some of the harassment she has given me and the seizures I have had on the same day that she has harrassed me. Thanks for any advice or help you can give me.