Possible seizure?

Hey everyone, 

I was eating lunch with friends yesterday and my vision started going black (kind of looked like those composition notebooks)--my hearing went too, and I almost lost consciousness. I vomited and came back almost immediately, thoug it was pretty confused still.  Talking to them afterward, they said I was just staring blankly into space and my head was kind of bobbing and I was clammy--it only lasted 3-4 minutes. They called 911, but the ER doctor said it was dehydration and sent me home with orders to take it easy and follow up with my pcp. My blood pressure, glucose, and EKG were all fine.


i called my mom to give her the heads up, and she said my symptoms almost perfectly matched from when I had seizures as a kid (I was about 8 then, I'm 30 now), which got me thinking. 

Does this sound like it could be a seizure to you?