Possible epilepsy?

Hi everyone,

yesterday something happened to me. The evening before I had something to drink but it really wasn't that much. I'd say I was just slightly drunk, and feeling fine. Before going to bed someone told me some really bad things and it just made me feel awful. So, yesterday (the next day) I was feeling quite upset and depressed, but it was only after lunch that I "shut down":

At first I found it really really hard to say anything at all, tears would come out non-stop of my blank and fixed eyes. I found it really hard to move, until my body just wouldn't respond. I couldn't see properly and at some point I couldn't really see with my left eye (like it was all black and blurry) and would be seeing double with my right eye. At some point I just could neither move nor speak at all. I started having little uncontrolled movements (e.g. my right arm). When someone tried moving me I just fell on the floor. It took me some time but I eventually managed to move again. That's when I started moving and speaking "in slow motion". I still couldn't read or focus properly and I found it really hard to look at people in the eyes, just as it was hard focusing on a word or any other thing. I also had an increasing difficulty in breathing at some point.


What brought me here is that I had just another episode eight years ago. Some conditions were similar: I had something to drink and someone had hurt my feelings very badly (literally felt like a heartbreak) and experienced the same symptoms. The difference is that back then it escalated in a proper seizure and I was hospitalized. They were really unfriendly in hospital, accused me of being a junkie and so on though the blood test proved I hadn't taken anything and that the alcohol percentage was too low to cause such a thing (they  told me that after the seizure I spent seven hours in a coma and that I had been speaking nonsense just before). They didn't give me an explanation and didn't want to hear my version (so they missed out the whole "zoning out" episode etc.).

So: I'm a 25 year old, I have suffered a lot from depression in the past. I DO NOT do drugs, I seldom drink alcoholics but when I do they don't usually cause me any problems. What I'd like to know is: is this a form of epilepsy? Can the combination of depression/distress and alcohol help trigger this kind of episode?

As you might have guessed I only thought about epilepsy now because when I was 17 I experienced the very same thing before a proper seizure.

Sorry about possible poor language/terminology (I live in Italy and I'm unfamiliar with epilepsy).
Thank you very much for your time & help.