PLS help im new to this. my 3 month old baby was recently diaagnosed with generalized epilepsy,

He started having seizure like episodes when he was 1 month old. I brought him to his pedia but they only advised me that he'll grow out of it.. they said not to worry so i didnt worry much. It was like he's afraid as if he's gonna fall,and then his arms and legs will twitch (though it wont go stiff) together with the eye blinking and lips twitching and then a little after he acts as if his gonna poop but nothing then he would go back to his normal self. At 2 months old he still have this so i really am worried so i brought him back to his pedia but they though it was just a reflex. I know its not. so i have him checked at children's hospital here @ the Phils. And he was admitted right away. They said it was seizures and they have him diagnosed with EEG and cranial ultrasound. The result in cranial utrasound is normal, no bleeding or whatver, but the EEG on the other hnd was never explained briefly to me. (ill be asking more at our next appt) 


His seizures never happened again since he was discharged. but the spasm are still there.i only knew he was diagnosed with epilepsy bec it was written at his discharge papers. So i really do need help from you guys bec i aint getting much.