Petechia - impossible to breath - collapse ... is it epilepsy ?


I am new in this forum .. and very freaked out ....3 years ago, in May 2005, I woke up in the middle of the night as I couldn't breathe. I was litterally suffocating. My husband said my arms and legs were jerking. I was confused when I woke up, and I had petechiae around my eyes. I went to see the neurologist and did numerous test. My EEG was normal, and they found a cavernous haemengioma in my brain when doing a MRI scan, but no bleeding. One year after, nearly to the day, I had the same "episode" again. Sensation of choking + jerking arms & legs + petechiae on my face. Another MRI but still nothing, and my haemengioma was the same (no bleeding). No unusual electrical activity.

Last year, again at the same period, I had an episode during the daytime. I was on the phone with my brother, and suddenly I couldn't breathe in or out. I couldn't speak. I blacked out and hit my head on the bin. Result : 9 stitches and a "Harry Potter" look ! Again, petechiae on my face. The ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat specialist) asked me to do a fluoroscopy and they could see that I couldn't swallow very well, and I might have had a laryngospasm ... but you usually don't black out from this.

A couple of days ago, the same happened again when I was in the bathroom. I remember not being able to breathe and thought "here we go again". I tried to lay down on the floor to avoid any injury. I woke up in bed (I don't remember how I went to bed !), with my legs, arms and back aching (results of jerking ?) and petechiae all over my face ... once again.

I am really freaked out by this. I am going to see the ENT and the neurologist again this week. Is it epilepsy ? It only seems to happen once a year or so. Has any of you suffered with petechiae after a seizure ? Petechiae are usually a sign of suffocation (great ...). Has any of you suffered with suffocation ?

Please help.



Re: Petechiae

Sylvie ....  My son had his first tonic/clonic seizures at age 15 and has been fine until now, age 22.  He's had two seizures recently in his sleep and developed tiny blood flecks beneath the skin around his eyes and across his forehead which faded gradually over a couple of days.  Are these what you had?  I've been trying to find out about this because my son didn't have them when he had the seizures at 15 and I wondered if it signified that they were more severe than before.  The fits occur during sleep and like you, he is very heavy and achy in the limbs and has a sore back afterwards, also a bitten tongue.    I imagined that the petechiae were caused by lack of air during the seizure, but I've also heard they could be due to the force of the fit.  Did you find out the cause of the petechiae from your neurologist?  Good luck and I hope you find an answer to your problem.  I'm new to this site and haven't been able to find a way of viewing the comments you've had from other people.