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One seizure was enough

Hi, All,

I'm new here--stopped by the site looking for info after having my first (and so far, knock on wood, only) seizure two weeks ago. I'm 28. It scared the daylights out of me and my family.

My EEG and MRI were clear. Doctor said right now the best thing to do is try to stay healthy and wait and see what happens next--that if something's wrong, I'll have another. Could be just a fluke or a blood sugar thing, etc. I'm sure you folks know the possibilities better than I. I would like to perhaps get a second opinion (did not love neurologist #1) and keep gathering information.

Anybody else had just one? Or have any advice for me in this uncertain time??

Thanks for providing this place for support and info, y'all...I appreciate it.



Hi all,

So I had my one and only Grand Mal seizure about 8 months ago and I am 25. I had a clear EEG, MRI and CT scan. I did not feel an "aura" (I don't think so anyway) prior to my seizure. There is also no history of seizures in my family. I have not been placed on any drugs, I have my drivers license back and I feel good. I do get paranoid once in awhile that it will happen again which is not the greatest feeling but I can only imagine how people feel when they have to deal with Grand Mals on a regular basis.

There has been no direct trigger to my seizure, however doctors feel that it was cause due to a variety of reasons.
- I was using heavy cleaning products the day before
- I drank heavily the night before
- I didn't eat very much between drinking and the afternoon the next day
- I was stressed out prior to having my seizure
- I only got a few hours of sleep the night before
- I drank sugary pop prior to my seizure & caffeine
- I was on my period

So other than illness, my body was experiencing all of the things that lower your seizure threshold.

Since the seizure I have stated doing yoga and eating much better. I still drink alcohol but not as much and I make sure to eat and drink water before, during and after I drink. I also make sure to get a good sleep and not try to commit to too many obligations at once. I am hoping that the seizure was just a wake-up call for me to start treating my body better. I am hoping that if I eliminate most of the factors listed above from by daily life especially at the same time, I will not have a seizure again.

Unfortunately anyone I know for sure who has had a seizure has not had just one which also scares me. There also doesn't seem to be a whole lot of people on here who have had just one. I do assume though that many people who only have one move on eventually and feel little need to post comments. As you can see it's been 8 months and I am still worrying about it, it's not a constant worry but it is always in the back of my mind.

I have read that if you are in the "low-risk" seizure category, the chances of having another are 30-40% which is a bit better than 50% at least.

Let me know if you have had another one and what your circumstances were. Good luck.

Hello, my name is Laura. I've had only one seizure in my life so far. I will be 21 in July.

The seizure happened when I was 18. This happened in September of 2007. I had just arrived in France with my boyfriend because he was studying abroad and I decided it'd be fun to go with him. For an entire year prior to this visit, I'd been having what I could only describe as "head tremors" as internet has also deemed it. There'd be moments, whether sitting or standing but usually sitting, where I'd feel some weird pressure throughout my body, and then my head would shake for a few seconds. Not terrible shakes, just quick side-to-side movements. At one point I'd gotten scanned and the tests were normal, no problems detected.

Then, perhaps from all the stress of being in France (I hardly spoke French), these head tremors, and terrible goat's cheese I'd had the night before, I had a seizure. Actually, according to my now-fiance, I had three consecutive seizures, each one lasting over 20 minutes and an hour of rest in between each one. I had convulsions, I made terrible sounds, I peed myself, and all this time I was not aware. There was one tiny moment where I was "aware" and saw my arm flying back like it was trying to escape my body. But I don't remember anything else. He was so frightened, but didn't know what to do since we were in a foreign country. He said that after the first one, I got on the computer and researched seizures, but I don't remember doing that at all.

A few days later I had a head tremor, and my arm started "flying away" again, but it stopped when my fiance held onto it. He sensed that was going to happen when I said aloud that something was coming again.

Ever since then, no seizures. No head tremors. So i guess whatever it was it's gone? Even now I get paranoid about it happening again. I'm not one of those people who had a second one 6 months after, but someone on here said they didn't have a second until 20 years later. Could I possibly have damage from this seizure from several years ago? I doubt a doctor would find anything at this point if there was nothing before.

I just hope that was it for me, and I hope you had your last as well. It's bizarre and scary... but we do what we can. I'm just glad I wasn't alone. :(

Luck to you all.

I'm in the same boat. Not sure when the next one will happen, and I'm worried that I'll be driving or doing something in which I could end up really hurting myself. Also, trying to avoid the costs of a doctor...

Hi, my name is linsey, and im 19 years old. About 3 months ago i experienced my first seizure, and it was while i was sleeping. I have no family history of seizures or anything. I went to a neuro, she performed and eeg and said there were brain spikes, it was abnormal. i had an mri done, and that turned out normal. i was diagnosed with generalized partial complex nocturnal seizures.  She put me on Keppra 500mg twice a day, and it was the worst experience of my life. i spiraled into deep depression, and constantly felt "out of it". Immeadately i stopped taking it. I just had a follow up neuro appointment today, and she said i needed to be on medication. Ive only ever had once seizure. Today she put me on Lamictal xr. i have yet to take it because i dont feel the need, but at the same time i dont want to experience more seizures...

I am a healthy, active, non-smoking, non-drinking 33 year old woman. I had my first seizure while driving when I was 31 years old, in October 2008. I was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly thereafter. I am now coming to realize my seizure was probably an isolated event. Read on so you don't make the same mistakes I did right in the beginning of the treatment I received for an isolated seizure occurrence.

While driving home from an appointment where I had donated blood, I had a wonderfully euphoric feeling, then got wretchedly nauseous like never before for about three minutes. My lights started to go out, in my head. I knew complete darkness was coming. Luckily, I managed to safely pull over into a liquor store parking lot across traffic before immediately passing out. However, I failed to put the car into park before losing consciousness. Passed out behind the wheel, I rolled back into traffic and had a minor fender bender, which I don't remember. All I remember is waking, completely out of it, feeling wet and hot and sweaty (found out later I peed myself), and homeless people who hang out at the liquor store parking lot were screaming in the car at me. I opened the car door and fell out. Someone brought me over to a step to sit and get my bearings. I stumbled the whole way, I couldn't tell you what day it was or who the president was. Lucky for me, the homeless people were very helpful. I kept saying how horribly hot I was, I had no idea I was covered in urine. The woman I hit stayed in her car with the door locked. Eventually the cops came and, of course, presumed I was drunk or high and put me through the walk-the-line rigamarol. I failed their tests miserably.

I had just given blood. That's why I had a blood pressure was too low. I know now that there are many factors, outside of epilepsy, that can cause a seizure. The cops eventually searched my car and found all my blood donation forms and free T-shirt, so they eventually started to believe my half-conscious babbling. The ambulance picked me up and I went to the emergency room. The Dr. there said I needed to go to a neurologist right away, that my peeing on myself was a sign I had experienced a seizure and had not just passed out. I saw a neurologist that week, had multiple eegs that came up positive (tiny little blip in temporal lobe), and I was put immediately and very willingly on Oxcarbazepine. I was so scared, they could have told me to take small doses of Uranium and I would have taken it.

I was on Oxcarbazepine for a short period of time, I started getting partial seizures (smelling burnt stuff, tasting metal, hearing music). I also broke out in a big rash on my chest and neck. The partial seizure symptoms were so strange, I'd never experienced them before. My neurologist took the rash and the partial seizure symptoms very seriously. He put me on Kepra, which I was also allergic to, rash all over my throat. I then went on Gabapentin and then, finally, Topamax. All the drugs had serious side effects (mainly partial seizures), but Topamax worked best for me. That said, on Topamax I developed fibro-myalgia in my feet and hands - pain, not tingling - at night, and occasional Alice In Wonderland type Partial Seizures where my hands and head felt humongous!

I stated to grow more skeptical. I had never had a seizure up until my first one in the liquor store parking lot. I had given blood that day. It was becoming more and more obvious to me that this wasn't your average day to day seizure, I had a locus, a "cause." Although I was controlled on Topamax for six months and could FINALLY drive again, in January, 2009, I asked my neurologist to wean me off seizure control pills entirely. I promised him that I'd stop driving again for six more months until I could determine what my status was off meds. I needed to know if these partial seizures that he kept upping my dose to control weren't caused by the medication I was taking. He understood that I would never be comfortable with my diagnosis unless I knew what I was like off meds. Lucky for me, I have not experienced any seizures or seizure symptoms since going off medication.

One of the side effects of most seizure medications is seizures. Be careful, do not just accept a diagnosis; you know your own body. Sometime life off meds is better than life on meds, but you can't know without a baseline. If you've only had one seizure, don't be scared into believing whatever your Dr.'s worst fears are for you. Under medical supervision, see how you are off meds for a long stretch of time before you go on them.

That said, when off meds, Don't drive. Don't drive. Don't drive.

Give yourself at least six months. In most states, if you do not have another seizure, you'll be able to drive again. I have been seizure free since I stopped meds, maybe you will be too. It took me over a year of failed medication attempts to try the no meds approach to my seizure disorder. I wish I had tried it sooner, but I was too scared.

I have a seizure disorder, but I do not need meds to control it right now. Talk to your neurologist and, with supervision, try to get to know yourself off meds before committing to the regiment he/she prescribes. If you do this, you will need support. Find it in friends and family. I cannot say this enough, find support in friends and family. Find support in friends and family.

You only live once. In my experience, the meds for seizure disorders are more extreme than I was lead to believe initially, and can cause seizures in some patients, clouding the diagnosis. -becca-

Yeah, I think for the majority of us, the EEG and MRI come out totally normal. It sucks but at least it's not a tumor, right. The suckiest part is that more often than not, a seizure is not a one time deal. Kinda like when a person has an anxiety attack. Their body is more likely to have another when ever they feel anxious, cause their body is  now familar with the reaction. Just take care of yourself. Do what the dr. says but know that the docs don't know it all. Do your own research, and when your find something fantasic or worth sharing . Do just that, share it in a blog or something. We can all help eachother :)  


I am 26 and I had my first seizure two weeks ago while I was shadowing a physician (I'm premed.). I am going to two Internal Medicine doctors before the Neurologist. One seizure was enough for me, too. Did you experience anything strange leading up to it? My heart rate was doing weird things the week before while running. They checked my blood work for everything that could have metabolically caused it. They also did an EKG, because I mentioned my heart. It was all normal.

The ER doctor did not order a scan even though I lost consciousness, because I didn't have health insurance. He thought I passed out and the nurse practitioner (who has an advanced degree in nursing) just didn't know what she saw. I am livid the more I think about it. After hearing her description, it was confirmed that I seized.

Since everything metabolical is ruled out, so it has to be neurological for me. I'm going to two doctors before hand, because I want to see the neurologist once I've heard the diagnostic side of things. I'm hoping to go to one Allopathic (traditional) and one Osteopathic (looks at what structurally could explain it) physician for two different viewpoints.

My advice is to get a second opinion. Doctors are highly trained, but not infallible. Many don't listen to what you say. If the first is right on the money, a second opinion shouldn't hurt. Also, keep copies of your medical records! My dad, who was a medic in the army for years, told me to start documenting everything-- start a journal of sorts so that the doctor has more information to go on.

I hope this helps, and that you find an answer. If I can give you one last piece of advice, don't over research things and freak yourself out more than you are.

Wishing you well,

A line I regularly heard repeated after my first fit, which for a fortnight or so was my only one, was 'Anyone can have just one fit. We treat it as chance.' After my second and third, I continued to resist medication. I was still trying acupuncture, holistic medicine etc. After the xth I had to concede.

It's time I got to my point. (1) I'm not sure how much of a good idea it is reading Once you start going...once I started going, I began to realise (a) I was epileptic (b) how bad it is. Each new entrant is like another nail: I had to quit my job; I can't spell etc. (2) First of all obviously, hopefully you will never have another fit. But in the worst case scenario, where you do and they're prescribing medication, I'd be aware now that (a) if you start taking medication, you are MORE likely to have fits if you subsequently stop. The same principle applies if you have to increase your dose. (b) my medication has not totally stopped my fits. Now I discover that this is not unexpected.

Long story short I'm starting to wonder whether I should have held out longer without taking medication because (a) it doesn't necessarily fully stop your fits (b) you are MORE likely to have fits altogether if you stop taking the medication (at least they say so) (c) Keppra affects my memory (and maybe other faculties), memory, very badly. VERY badly. Six months ago, and that's when I was diagnosed (at 39 years of age), I'd never have imagined the changes for the worse I've undergone.

Sorry, this story is badly constructed, and badly written. Peace to you soulbrother

Hi all, my names Sarah, I'm 28 and new to this! I had a seizure on new years eve at about 3 p.m (at least i think it was a seizure) it was the worst experience of my life and really dont want it to happen again! :-(

It was about 45 mins after i got out of the bath, i was in a good mood getting ready for the night ahead, listening to music and doing a lil Dance! lol ...Then, suddenly i lost control of my left hand, it kind of twitched inwards towards my mouth, my little finger went into my mouth slightly then down my neck, which i had no control over! I felt really faint, my hearing had gone and wondered what was happening to me....i staggered back so as not to fall on the floor and sat on the sofa, I looked up at the picture of my dad (who died 2005) and asked him to help me. Then, sitting down, I looked at my arm and the whole of my left side went numb, next thing, i'm on the floor and feeling utter pain throughout my body(presure on my head mainly) and complete darkness, trying to shout or say anything but couldn't, i thought This is it, i'm dying! the pain must've been so bad i lost consciousness. The next thing, i wake up with my 10 year old son on the phone to the ambulance scared!! I didn't no what had happened first of all, i told him i didn't need the ambulance and that i was just taking a nap! then a few seconds later they had turned up and then i remembered what had happened and was horrified.  My son had told me i was on the floor with my eyes rolled back into my head, drooling and looked like i was asleep, he thought i was dead then started shaking me! then as he shook me lots he said i was trying to talk but he couldn't make sense of what i was saying which then made him call the ambulance. There was a big wet patch on the floor from my dribbling.

All the ambulance men said was 'did i have my bath too hot'!! or was i pregnant? which i wasn't as they did a wee test. Did my blood presure which was a little high, They didn't seem to be worried at all and just said that i could drink now as i wasn't pregnant!! :-( and if it happens again then they'll take me in!

I ended up staying in that night, felf a bit shaky but had a drink later on to try n forget what had happened.

My mum was not at all happy with the ambulance crew, so called the docs, had an appointment, who then referred me to a neurologist which i'm still waiting for the appointment.

I've been sleeping more since then and have had on and off head pains.

If anyone has had anything like this please comment or if you could help me make more sense of it i would really appreciate a comment.

Thanks :-)

I agree with Solis that most people will have their second within six months if they are going to have another. But I was an oddball case. I had one and didn't have another for over 20 years. Now I have lots. I've wondered if I had taken meds after the first one if things might be different now. But then there are the side effects. I would say don't medicate after one seizure unless its a low dose that doesn't give you any side effects. Then you have nothing to lose and you might protect against getting worse.

Yes I would like you to know about my siezure episodes. I had strept throat and fever witch resulted in a siezure on two maybee three times. Munson hospital put me through all kinds of tests because of the siezure they could find nothing wrong. I know it was because of fever. Wath out for doctors who want to bleed your bank account dry.

Hi, im new to the site and joined the help other people, i know what shes going through.

I have (its going slowly thank god) temporal lobe epilepsy. I was getting hallucination's everyday that made me depressed, hopeless and dreamy. My seizures also gave me panic attacks, which make me go mad, tired etc.

 I recently found out about these breathing techniques. Theyre from the ancient people of India ranging 5000 years ago. I've been using these techniques for the past 2 weeks and iveonly had 1 seizure since then, and i could control its strength. I feel more happy, energetic and more myself.

These breathing techniques are called 'Pranayama'. Google it, its changed my life.

The techniques help get more oxygen into the body and brain, thus replenishing the body and all of its dis-ease.

I also recently went to see Dr.Smita Naram (google her husband Dr Pankaj Naram). She and Dr Pankaj naram have been taught pulse reading and 2100 year old herbal remedies (please read on, i know they are only herbs but trust me) from a 120 year old tibetan monk who has cured so many people of disease.

The monk was part of a lineage of masters from the times of Lord Buddha. Vaidya Jivak was Lord Buddha's physician and passed on the secret to health and happiness for the body to his learner. The leaner in turn became a master (all masters have survived for up to 125+years), which in turn pass the knowledge down.

Anyway, this knowlege has been passed to Dr Pankjak Naram. He has cured epilepsy patient, relieved HIV sufferers and is quite literally a miracle worker.

Anyway, back the point. I saw Dr Smita Naram, she read my pulse and quite literally read my mind. She said i had a weak blood flow, and have emotional difficulty, concentration. I told her about my dream hallucinations where i feel sick, adrenaline rush, depressed and the dejavu i was suffering. She knew exactly what to prescribe me and taught me these breathing techniques.

I have ordered the herbs from India (they grow them in non-polluted areas for more herb potency) and have started doing the breathing techniques. The herbs haven't come through yet but just doing these breathing exercises for 10 minutes a day have changed my life. My 'seizures' didnt disappear straight away, but theyre almost non-existent now and i can control them, how strong they are.  If you dont have money she will try and give you special discounts, and the couple both live for humanity.

Please google dr pankaj naram. Look up ayurveda too. Dr Pankaj naram has a website where he sells his herbs, but you should go for a consultation first so he knows exactly what to give you. There are quite literally 100's of combinations fo herbs for epilepsy.

 Im a 20 year old student studying at Portsmouth University. Email me and i will help you if i can. I can send you the breathing techniques through email too.

As i said i havent taken the herbs yet, they haven't come through the post yet. But just by breathing techniques im seeing amazing results.

PS dont eat microwave food, the radiation used to cook the food changes the molecular structure of the food so it is full of toxic that the body cannot digest but stays in the body because the body cannot digest it but keeps it in the body as it thinks its food.

I had a seizure when I was 27 and took medication for 1 year after.  I thought it was just a fluke and quit taking the meds. but 10 years later, I had another seizure.  I did have warning signs (aura) before the 2nd seizure took place.  I really did not recognize the signs though because it had been such a long time.  Now - I am fully medicated and I really feel a difference since taking the medication. 

Wow. I thought I was the only one! The same exact thing happened to me. It started off with migraines in the fifth grade so, of course, they did multiple MRIs. All clear. Eighth grade year and all the sudden I'm in the hospital. It took several months for them to find the spikes on the EEG that were enough to let them (Specialists who work ONLY on epilepsy patients and seizures.) see that I had epilepsy. The scary thing is that whenever I have these vision issues, it is actually a mini seizure happening in my brain. I am now fourteen and have been seizure (Grand mal seizure, per say) free for an entire year. I know I'm a little late on this considering it is 2010 and you posted this in 2006, but I would for sure reccomend a second opinion. If you have done a lot of research you'll find out that most people have one and never have one again. As I said earlier, I went to a specialist who works only on this part of the neurology (Spelling?) department. I wish you the best of luck! :)

I dont know if anyone will respond to this as this thread is pretty old...anyway I had my first and so far only tonic clonic seizure last month.I am 31 years old. I went to the hospital and they did an mri, ct and eeg..everything was clear..they put me on Keppra a small dose but it has had major side effects especially mood swings and headaches. I cant get in to see a neurologist for almost another month..the doctors said they didnt really know for sure what caused the seizure..they said it was possibly because I was taking alot of Ambien and then I ran out but I have been doing that for years and always running out..also I have had head injuries in the past and have 3 family members with epilepsy..also last week my regular doctor changed me from Keppra to Dilantin but that one was even worse..I didnt sleep hardly at all for four days and when I did I had very vivid and scary nightmares..I couldnt get ahold of my doctor so I switched myself back to Keppra..I dont want to be medicated but I am so scared of having was very scary for my kids and first they thought I was having a heart attack because I was blue and not breathing..I bit my tongue really hard and smashed my face on my nightstand and popped my shoulder out of the socket. Anyways have others had only one seizure and never another without being medicated for the rest of their lives? Also if I have another one, are they very often fatal? Because they seem so bad for you..

Thank-you for that wonderful, encouraging, inspiring advice Pranayam. I want to bring my condition permanently under control, and I can feel for certain that medication is not the way to do that. That way lies a future of memory loss, loss of mental faculties (spelling, writing, losing the plot, zoning out mid-speech, whilst people are speaking, the film/news/lesson is on (does anyone else get that?), sexual prowess. No, personally I've always felt that the Eastern way, is surely the only way that I can hope for a future where I retain the human qualities I value, and bring this condition under control. Thanks for your advice.

what the... i am 39 and i had a seizure at 21 and just had another one 18 yrs later and major aura preceeded bot; we thought it was stress and low blood sugar... i had been partying quite a bit for last cupla yrs and under a lot of stress and i ve been hit in the head. is it possible to just be susceptiple to seizures if all the contributing factors play out?

Make sure things like, magnesium, b complex, calcium, iron, low sodium, blood sugar level are checked. WHich I am sure the doctor did already! They can all cause seizures if are too low.
Sorry to hear about the scare. And hopeful that was your first and ONLY!

best of luck to you

If everyone had just one....

Sorry haven't had just one though you have a strong liklihood of not having anymore if that makes you feel any better. Even better chance of not having them hourly.

Diagnosed with Myoclonus...

Andrew Strasser

Hey..I guess I kinda know how you feel.. I had my first seizure 10 years ago and until a couple of weeks ago.. it was my only. All my tests would come back clear also and they couldnt figure out what the problem was so they done a video EEG where they admitted me in the hospital and made me sleep deprived and tried to induce seizures.. after 7 days of that I had one and thats when they diagnosed me with epilepsy. (so i guess this was my 3rd I just had)

So my advice to you would be to find a doctor that will do a video EEG just to make sure it's not epilepsy. Because, I stopped taking my meds 7 years ago.. and this seizure came out of nowhere.. was when i was driving with my 3 little girls.. scared me to death.. I never want another one and i promise this time i wont stop taking meds. so if I were you i'd want to find out to see if you need medication.. you never know when they can happen.


For me not knowing why was worse than knowing. I went thru three months of, "We are not sure whys" Well, I have always said, " How do you treat,"WE DO NOT KNOW" " I really hope and pray that you never had to deal with any of this again. But, if you need to talk we are here for you. I love this site. There is so much infomation here and comfort and truth...

HI all,

Here are my details.

Diagnosed with strep on Tuesday and recieved meds. Thursday morning I had my first seizure...a gran mal. I was addmitted to the hospital for mri and eeg. all came out normal. I have no family history of seizures and no health problems except acid reflux. The doctor put me on Keppra and said I had to take for the rest of my life. I dont feel like I need too. I would rather see if I have another seizure. I am not driving since I have kids.

Is there anyone else like this? Has anyone had one seizure and not taken the medication and stayed seizure free?


Hi Rhonda,


My daughter is 8 years old and had one seizure this past Sunday. She has an EEG and an MRI which was normal. My daughter was diagnosed with Strep throat, similar to your story above. I just want to know what were your symptoms prior to going to the hospital? did you have a fever? headaches? what did you experience?


Please respond.



Lots of people have seizures from fevers, which strep throat can cause.  If a person has a seizure from having a fever there is no reason to assume the person will have seizures when they are not running a fever.  When I was diagnosed with epilepsy I met a number of people who had or had family memebrs who had had seizures from a fever and never had any outside of a fever.  

Fevers can cause seizures in infants and small children.


A fever is what started mine but now I'm well controlled.

When my daughter was roughly three years old, she got a throat infection that (after taking her to her pediatrician) we believed was a cold.  One day, she was in my wife's arms and said she was tired and wanted to take a nap.  My wife put her down on the couch and seconds later she experienced her first grand mal.  For the next month in and out of the hospital she kept having seizures.  At her worst point, her motor skills on her right had drastically diminished to the point where she couldn't walk or use her right arm.  Antibiotic after antibiotic the best pediatric neuro dr could not figure out what was going on.  Finally, on a whim, one of them started to think outside the box and deduced that the "cold" she had was not a cold.  By now almost 6 mo had past, and while THANK THE LORD she made a full recovery, she kept getting strep.  They couldn't seem to reach what was the cause so for about the next year she kept seeing our new pediatrician (yes we never saw the old one again) who continued to prescribe antibiotics.  It seemed strange that every couple weeks she was getting sick so we sat down and had a lenghty consultation with him.  He reviewed her records and came up with the conclusions: the strep could be treated with antibiotics but none of them were killing it and she was always getting sick because her immune system was shot due to all the antibiotics.  He referred us to a ENT specialist who quickly diagnosed that her tonsels were the problem.  Some how the bacteria was dominant there and was causing all the problems.  So here we are, at five years old.  She has her appt in two weeks to get them removed.

 Wish us luck and plenty of prayers.


Hi,  I am curious how your daughters surgery went and if has help relieive her symptoms?  Our son has been very ill with seizures and gets strep often.  The only treatment we have found to help is IVIG.  He has been through all of the AEDs and they just seem to make things worse.  We are considering having his tonsils removed, but we are not sure it is worth the risks considering his seizure threshold is very low.



Hi Rhonda,

There are MANY people who, for various reasons, have one seizure in their lives = why epilepsy is generally NOT concluded until more than one seizure has occurred.

"About half of the people who have one seizure without a clear cause will have another one, usually within 6 months. You are twice as likely to have another seizure if you have a known brain injury or other type of brain abnormality. If you do have two seizures, there's about an 80% chance that you'll have more.

If your first seizure occurred at the time of an injury or infection in the brain, you are more likely to develop epilepsy than if you had not had a seizure in that situation."

Best wishes, of no more seizures, to you & we,


Dear Rhonda, I went to the doctor on Sunday with an infected sty in my eye. The doctor prescribed antibiotics. On Thursday night I had whats considered a tonic seizure, I lost consciencness and my body seized up but I did not have convulsions. It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. After 3 weeks I finally got into the neuro and they put me on lamictal, which made me deathly ill. After only being on it for 3 days I stopped taking it. I decided I would rather wait to have the eeg and get the results before I started taking aeds. About 2 weeks later I took the eeg and got my results 2 weeks later. Which showed brain spikes???? My neuro said she would put me new aeds (which she said I should have been taking all along--and was scolded for taking myself off of them) for 1 year. She would do a new eeg and if it came out normal I can stop taking the aeds. It was a year on Oct. 26th, but due to my insurance change, I have to go to my primary physician and get a referral for a new neuro. It's going to take some time for all that. Just to let you know I never had another seizure since then, even when I wasn't on the aeds. Lots of horrible side effects. Especially the weight gain!! By the way I am on Tegretol-CR. The dose I'm on is very low 400 mg per day. Especially for my new size, but still no seizures. Maybe it was my one and only seizure, I've read if you don't have another seizure within 3 months of the 1st one, It's a good sign. Hope everything works out for you. Emily

Dear Emilly,

I know it's an old post, but what you described is a copy of what happened to our 6 yrs old on August 11th. Eye infection, tonic seizure, and spikes on EEG. How are you doing? Did you have any more seizure? She had not have any more since that first one, but still we do not know what to expect. We will meet the neuro on Oct 24, and till then she has to take the 48 hours EEG test.

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