Not sure if seizures or not

Ok for the past 5 years I have experienced these "episodes" where all of a sudden a wave of deja vu will come over me and my heart beats fast, my stomach turns and I get hot and sweaty. They last only about 30 seconds and I can function/talk normally during the episodes, if I did not tell you I was having it you would never know. They only happen about once a month and last for 3-5 days, some days I will have 1 or 2 some days like today I have had 4 and will probably have several more. They are mentally and physically exhausting and I am just waiting for another one to occur. I have been to a neurologist with no answer. I have not been able to connect htem with any medication or siuation or certain time of the month. My primary doctor thinks they are panic attacks and if that is the case (which I hope it is) then I need to find some anti anxiety meds. Thank you in advance for any help or advice you give :)