Newly Diagnosed looking for support

Hey all~


I am 27 year old male, recently diagnosed with multifocal seizures.  I had two abnormal EEG's the past week.  I am really worried and scared that this could be stemming from some sort of brain tumor.  I have had these weird feelings for the past 2 years and no blood test or professional doctor could ever tell me what was happening.  So about 8 months ago I got an MRI and it was normal.  


Do abnormal EEG's showing seizure activity in multiple parts of the brain always mean multiple tumors?  I am hoping that since I have had these weird sensations for over 2 years and had a clean MRI less than 8 months ago, that something then would of shown up.  Sorry, I am just really worried to have been officially diagnosed with multi focal seizures.  I am scheduled for another MRI, though my neurologist didn't think it was 100% necessary.  My MRI is next week, just looking to see what people think who have also had abnormal eeg readings showing multi focal seizures.


Is this something hard to live with?  Can I live a happy life with this?  Will medication help?