New to the world of SPS

Hi everyone,
I have a few questions about whether I actually have epilepsy, I guess the first thing I should do is explain what I feel and a bit of a back story.
In 2012 I spent 5 days in ICU from an infection in the brain, I woke up with little to no memory of the past two years of my life, left sided weakness and limited to no short term recall ability. Anyway I went through rehab and slowly got better. During my recovery I was suffering from these 'flashbacks' (or so I called them at the time) I just assumed it was my brain trying to recall memory. It took nearly 6 months before I started to question what they were because I could never actually retrieve these memories. The flashbacks/seizures went like this, it would begin with a feeling of vagueness and a knowing that something was about to happen, the next phase was a memory that wasn't really a memory rather a visual illusion that was only in my head, I never see anything but i feel the vision. My body cramps up and I feel a fear that I have never felt before, then my stomach drops and the vision starts to leave me, I hold onto it as long as I can so I can try and write some of it down but it goes away so quickly. Every time I get the memories or illusions I recognize them from past episodes. When I come out of these I get jumpy and angry for hours, I become so exhausted that I cant deal with anything else. These episodes happen in a pattern of a large one on the first day, two or three big ones on the second day and little small half kind of ones on the third, I get this same cycle every 7-10 days.
I'm currently seeing a Neuro and he has put me on Tegretol 600mg a day, its made a little bit of a difference but not a lot. I'm not convinced he is convinced their seizures but he wont tell me anything other than lets see. The big issue I have is my sister and brother in law are doctors and they have told me they don't think its epilepsy but that just leaves me with 'I'm crazy'. Ive had a 40 min EEG but it was negative so there is really no evidence other than my word.
My questions are is this really SPS?, if it is how do I convince my family? what drugs should I try?
it would be amazing if you guys could help me out,
thanks heaps!