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New to this forum...dunno if I have panic attacks or seizure disorder

Hi all.  I'm a 70 year old man and Vietnam veteran.  I began having what I thought was a recurrance of my panic attacks that I had for several years after returning from Vietnam.  Eventually those subsided for the most part but became triggered by extreme stress, e.g. when my parents were dying.  Just a year or so ago I began having what I thought/think are panic attacks but one VA doc said they may be some type of seizure disorder.  I can't find this doc anymore but am still dealing with these episodes.  

I seem to get them in clusters of two or three per day or over several days, then can be free of them for a few weeks.  They start with extreme fear and I have to just isolate myself for several minutes until they pass.  I'm left with some somatic symptoms:  runny nose, urgency to urinate or defecate, confusion, tiredness, elevated heart rate, etc.  These after effects last for minutes to hours.  

I have had these occasionally in the middle of the night waking me from sleep but cannot recall any dreams.  These all vary in intensity and I can feel/sense them coming on for maybe 30 sec or so.  

I am 70% disabled with PTSD.  

If someone could reply with any suggestions or guess as to what is happening to me I'd be so thankful.. I live in a small town in the Sierras and no neurologist are around... 


Thanks for any help

Dogface....aka Mark

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