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New to forum and possibly to epilepsy

Hi everyone, I'm a 30 year old male and am due to attend an appointment with a neurologist after suffering what my GP reckons was a seizure.

A few weeks ago I was on a conference call at work and as I went to answer a question I briefly started stuttering and it felt like my eyes were flickering open and closed rapidly so that while I could see light I couldn't actually focus on anything in front of me. This lasted less than 10 seconds and I immediately continued what I was doing without any further problems. However on several occasions since I've experienced several instances of my eyes suddenly feeling like their rolling about in my head followed by severe dizziness.

I mentioned this to my GP who said it sounded like seizures, and whilst I have no interest in self diagnosis I have since read several items online which seem to suggest the symptoms I've been experiencing all along are epilepsy related. In addition to the above I have for a long time experienced electric shock sensations in my head which travel down my arms and/or legs, I wake most nights panicky for no reason, I sometimes get a weird sensation whereby objects seem to be larger or smaller than actually are and sometimes I get a sudden feeling of fear coming over me for no apparent reason.

Having read about this online and identified that it could all be related I want to make the neurologist aware but don't want to come accross as a hypochondriac.

How should I approach it? I don't a diagnosis for the sake of it but I do want to convey that I have researched it since my GP said the word seizure and am obviously concerned about the future if it turns out to be epilepsy.

Thanks for reading my rambling!

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