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Hello Everyone,

My name is Daniel DuVal, I'm 18 years old and i began having seizures around a month ago. I have a lot of questions to ask but first, here is my story up until today.

About 4 years ago, i began having what I referred to as "Vertigo" when i stood up too soon after sitting for extended periods of time. My sight would begin to fade, i saw black dots, my hearing faded, and my eyes widened with, according to friends and family, a zombie-like look (nothing going on behind the eyes).

Around a month ago, I turned 18 and wanted to go to a hookah bar to show my parents what it really was (my parents assumed it was a bong for marijuana use). We sat down and smoked hookah for around an hour, and everything was going fine. Soon before we had stood up to leave and pay, i noticed that my hearing sounded a bit muffled or clogged. I thought nothing of it, however when i stood up, i began to have Vertigo, so i leaned against the counter to stabalize myself. The next thing i knew, i was on the floor, my parents having poored water all over my face and my mother on the phone with 911 hysterically crying. Apparently, i had begun convulsing and fell on the ground, however once my father poured water on my face i regained consciousness instantly. 

My mother ended up cancelling the ambulance she had called and I went home afterwards. I felt a little nauseous that night but woke up feeling normal, and that day took a plane to North Carolina to visit my girlfriend of almost 4 years, my sister who  and friends. I felt fine over the next few weeks, having just had surgery on my ankle for ligament tears, i was healing appropriately and on schedule. My parents and my brother Noah decided to drive down for the Fourth of July week to visit and help out my sister with her appartment. 

One day, Leanna and I were babysitting two little girls named Lilly and Illah. We then decided to bring the two girls and my brother Noah to Paint-Your-Pot, an arts and crafts activity center where you could pick out a piece of pottery, paint it, and they would glaze it for you to pick up in a few days. When we were there, we chose our pots and sat down to paint. After only a few minutes of painting, I was focusing very closely on the details of the lion i was painting when suddenly, everything went black.

When I regained consciousness, all i remembered was staring at a man who was talking to me, saying "You just had a grand mal seizure in paint-your-pot, you're fine, just relax and tell me your name". I finally realized that i was in an ambulance, on my way to the hospital. 

I then spent the night in the hospital, had a CT scan and a chest X-ray done which both showed no signs of immediate danger. I was prescribed Keppra 500mg 2x a day to control my seizures until i returned to my home in Minnesota where i could get an EEG scan done. 

I get an EEG next tuesday, and I am very curious to find out what is wrong with me. It's very confusing and not being able to drive for 3 months is killing me... I start college in about a month and I have no way of getting there. I have many questions right now, and everyone is very scared about my health. 

Has anyone ever had "Vertigo" that lead to seizures? Does anyone know if i will continue to have seizures? Do people with Epilepsy drive at all if they have medication? Do all anti-seizure medications (including Keppra) make your mood change? 

If anyone can help me with any information, articles/books to look at, effective medications, insight, or any help at all about what disorder i may have, it would be much appreciated!



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