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Hi All!

I am 27 and female. I recently got diagnosed with partial complex focal seizures a few months ago by an abnormal eeg. I had been suffering from seizures for a year but did not know what it was. I have symptoms that I have read are normal; convulsing, forced controlled eyes, tingling in head, blacking out a lot, passing out, semi hallucinations (which I dont have anymore), automovements etc. 

But I am concerned about a few other symptoms I have not during a seizure; chest feeling really tired and out of sync with my head (disconnected). Body feeling really week sometimes where I will slur my words and feel as if I might pass out, about to pass out with physical activity, and sometimes my body just feels sickly. Is that normal to anyone? I know your central nervous system is located in your chest so do you think my body is just overworked and exahusted? It gets better with rest but I rest all day and want to be more active.

Another odd symptom: really low blood pressure. Anyone? A few times mine was 106/50

And the last odd symptom: Very vivid nightmares to where I feel as if I am there (lucid like) and I wake up with an eery feeling like I really experienced the nightmare but I am aware it did not happen. I know I have seizures while I sleep because I woke up with a sprained neck once. Im so scared. The doctors dont care. My family no longer cares and wont give me "any special treatment". I had to leave my job because of it a year ago but they would not give me disability because I didnt have a diagnosis yet and now that I do I am fighting for it. So no income and cannot work till im better. 

I just started Keppra 1000mg per day just a week and a half ago and it has been working well! I take lexipro that helps with the nightmares, I think because it makes my mind less active at night but I am far from depressed. The lexipro actually started making me feel depressed because it made me sleep 14hours and gain weight. 

To all those suffering with epilepsy: you are very strong, never give up!


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