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Living with simple partial seizures?

Hi all this is my first post on this site. Apologies in advance, I may use 'aura' and 'partial' seizure interchangeably. As a bit of preface to this question, I had my second, and last tonic clonic seizure in February of 2002 - this was no doubt induced by stupidly discontinuing phenytoin on my own accord, while suffering from a cold and taking a medication containing ephedrine. Since returning to phenytoin, I've lived a relatively normal life and productive life; returned to school and finished a PhD in the life sciences, worked overseas for many years as a research scientist and started a family. I've sometimes even forgotten that I have epilepsy and engaged in risky behavior like drinking too much, staying up all night working, and generally doing little to maintain my stress levels.  My problems started to return in 2009 when my auras returned, during a period of some work stress. I recognized the episode immediately as an aura as I experience a strong sense of deja-vu and euphoria that couldn't easily be confused for a panic attack. They continued to appear at varying intervals (1-2 per month at most, sometimes up to a year without). I consulted a neurologist in the UK about this, but they didn't seem to think I should worry about these as they were not generalizing into tonic clonic seizures. It's been five years now, and I live in the US now. My american neurologist is trying to treat these with additional AEDs (too soon to tell if this is working), but the attitude I've encountered from both her and my GP is that some people with epilepsy simply live their lives with these partial seizures and that I should try not to let these bother me so much. There don't appear to be any driving restrictions in my current state on partial seizures (the law was more ambiguous on this in the UK). For the most part, I just want to get on with things and ignore that fact that I get a spaced out for maybe 30 seconds every month or so. But since I have a history of tonic clonic seizures, I can't help but view these partial seizures as harbingers of worse things to come: I had many of these for years before my first TC seizure and lived in denial about there being anything wrong. I guess I'm wondering - are there many others out there like me for which AEDs seem to work on TC seizures, but who still have infrequent partial seizures? Thanks for reading!

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