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I'm new here....Neurologist seems sure I'm having seizures...

I'm 59, recently I had three episodes of amnesia, went to the neurologist after second, thinking cause were mini stokes (internet diagnosis). The doctor seems sure I'm having seizures.  I've had a MRi and EEG both normal, am having home 72 hour  VEEG starting Monday he already said if this shows nothing I  will need 5 day hospital VEEG....also spoke about sending me to a seizure specialist.  Thirty years ago while pregnant (twins) I had eclampsia was in hospital last 7 weeks of pregnancy had what I called a visual disturbance, I saw thick bubbles before me, I tried to talk but wasn't able to, everyone was moving in slow motion, the bubbles lifted, my nurse brought me up to my room, next day I was started on phenobarbital when I objected to early delivery of my daughters. Neurologist feels they wouldn't have started me on that medication if they didn't think I had or fear a seizure, all I know is medication lowered my blood pressure.  I had scheduled C section at 34 1/2 weeks after going into first stages of renal failure.  Neurologist thinks this is connected. For years I've smelled burning smoke ( after reading this can be connected to seizures mentioned to neurologist, ENT said not to worry), leg and body jerks (orthopedic said from Lumbar spine, not to worry).  I have Hashimoto's and Graves Disease (2 opposite aauto immune  thyroid diseases),  have TED (thyroid eye disease, was on prednisone for 10 months), needed (30 sessions) radiation therapy to shrink muscles behind eyes,  had 4 eye surgeries too.  Neurologist said I may have Hashimoto encephanology (autoimmune process causing inflammation in my brain).  It isn't curable, is treatable in most cases, treatment is prednisone, the same medication that usually works well for TED, but didn't work for me!  I feel my body is always fighting itself, also have gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach, possibly autoimmune caused).  If seizures and amnesia not caused by autoimmune, and MRI normal, what else can be causing this,,I do feel as though I'm going crazy I forgot going and being at book club, I even wrote host an email when I hot home I don't remember, worse yet I called a friend thinking date was changed, only to hear I was there 2 days earlier! 

Neurologist suggested I stop driving,,,,did you drive during testing, before diagnosis?  Is smelling smoke enough reason to stop driving?   Sorry this is so long...  I've also had 2 spinal surgeries, lumbar and cervical and blame headaches on CSpine,,,can they be from seizures?  most mornings I wake nauseous with a headache.  Gastroparesis causes nauseous and vomiting,  I've had several Botox injections to pylorus of stomach, in fact just had one a few weeks ago but am still nauseous, read seizures can make me nauseous too...I'm so confused!  I have so many questions, I'm frightened, I've always worked in the medical profession...I don't trust me anymore, scared to make plans with friends, what if I forget?  What if I can't find my car?  Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

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