Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and Seizures

Hi All

I experienced another seizure on the wsy to an job interview the other day, whereby I lost consciousness for about 5 minutes and obviously this is not very good when I am inteviewing.

I was late for the interview and now am stressing out again which is not good.

I have had EEG's and MRI's and thankfully all normal.

Have any of you experienced / heard about any link between seizures (black outs) and Hypoglycemia? I have never had a blood test? Is this something that you have had done/



Re: Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and Seizures

Low blood sugar is also known asHypoglycemia. There are number of causes and symptoms of this. It is the condition by diabetics when they take more or other drugs to reduce the blood sugar than needed. Some precations are always needed to avoid this.


Re: Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and Seizures

The doctors usually check that stuff. Like low sodium, blood sugar and any other deficiencies that will cause it. Like magnesium, potassium, calcium things like that

I hope you get fully checked out. And hope you do find a job. Also do deep breathing that can help stop them too.


Re: Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and Seizures

My boyfriend had a seizure last week because of his sugar being dangerously low. He's not diabetic, however when he has a seizure I usually call 911 and the paramedics check his sugar level. I was told that if it's low or high, seizure activity isn't uncommon!

Re: Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and Seizures

Here's some basic start up info:

Hypoglycemia is thought by some in the medical community to be a precursor to diabetes; it may indicate an early metabolic problem. The brain depends on a constant sugar supply and a seizure can result from low blood sugar. Those who are interested or who think they may have trouble with this, please do do a search online for full info as I am speaking off the cuff here, just basics. Hypoglycemic episodes usually can be controlled by changing the diet to small frequent meals of high quality carbs and protein, with reduction in concentrated sweets and starches.

Hope this helps get you started. :)

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Re: Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and Seizures

i thinnk there is a relation between seizures and any abnormal level in our bodies.
when my sugar drops i can feel seizureprone, once i eat, it goes away. but interestingly i read somewhere that dilantin can cause this to happen.good luck

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I have been cutting back Mom's sodium and doing so with mine a bit to.. Then yesterday. I had a big seizure ( grand mal). I had taken Mom to have a cardiac stress test and while waiting I started having a feeling of weakness in my stomach. So my husband got me something to drink and some crackers. Lately by checking my morning sugars, I have notices that they run in the 80's. So I thought that I just needed a bite to eat. Of course I was worried for Mom. It turned out that after three tries at trying to get an IV in and her vein blowing each time, Mother refused the test. She had not eaten since the night before and all that sticking had made her sick to her stomach. So we left there and stopped and got her a bite to eat. Then I went into the store to get some paper towels and toilet paper and a few things and all of a sudden I had these tingles all over my body. Kind of like quivers?

Felt as if I was going into a seizure any minute. My husband took me home and I went to bed. I kept feeling that way all evening but it got worse. I got incoherent. Anyway. I went to the ER. They did a cat scan. They tried to put in Iv but could not find a vein my husband said? Finally they gave me more seizure medicine by injection. They told my husband my blood levels were ok that I had another seizure?


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Re: Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and Seizures

I recently started communicating on this web site, and it is due to my desperation w/ "what I thought was Hypoglycemia since 2005"!
Several weeks ago, I left my THIRD Endocrinologist's office crying hysterically because I felt that no one believed me that I had seizures when my blood sugar appeared low. Like others, my blood sugar was always tested in the normal range and I was bounced back and forth from my Neurologist to my Endocrinologist who even put me on Metformin 1000mg (Diabetes meds), and the low sugar symptoms INCREASED! Anyway, I decided to do my own research, and Hypoglycemia.com's staff informed me that
Epilepsy creates chemical imbalances within your body such as low blood sugar. For 2 years, I thought that I (and my Family Care Doctor) thought that I was Diabetic even though numerous blood sugar tests were always normal. I weaned myself off the Metformin, and doing much better today because that medication was actually raising my insulin higher and making me more weaker. Today, I am still having those symptoms but not as severe, and I also found out that a high protein diet makes a big difference. Last night, I had a dinner that had a lot of kidney beans and had a normal evening. Most times, I snack on a stick of cheese, or keep some nuts in my purse for emergencies. My body literally has me on a feeding schedule, and I find that frustrating. I can even predict seizures such as if I am even late (15 minutes) for a meal, light-headness begins. Recently, I was @ a restaurant which had a 15 minutes wait for seating, and I had a seizure while being seated. The waiter had to run to get soda because it reaches my blood stream quickly and gets to the brain as glucose. Talk about embarrassing! I am determined to find an answer for these seizures. I really don't like eating when I am not hungry especially in order to sleep through the night, I have to eat a high protein snack around 10:00pm. Anyway, relieved that this is neurological, and that I don't have Diabetes. I hope that this info helps. Small snacks and lots of protein helps, but also causes weight gain. Epileptic for 12 years, and thinking about all those meds. that I have taken since then, and kinda understand why Epilepsy may cause chemical imbalances.

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Well I have not been diagnosed offically branded with epilepsy but I do have some things going onthat are leading me to believe that I will be ther shortly. I have noticed a realtion between these two though. If I need to eat and I wait, in the mornings man it is ten times worse than in the evening time. I will still get the same effectbut it is times ten in the am? I thought that I knew for sure that it was my blood sugar, went to dr when I was in the middle of one of the episodes and blood sugar was normal. But I was as spaced out as a person can get and stay on earth. Now I can say that I do feel better after I eat and that my symptoms will sometimes subside.
It is good to see that I am not as nutty as I thought I was and that other people are experiencing some of the same symptoms as me.

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I don't need to see blood test results about my blood sugar, when I have a seizure, I know it's low. I don't eat enough, and when I do, it's not enough of healthy foods. I can go for most of the day without eating. When I wake up in the morning, the last thing I feel like doing is eating. Is this common, do other people with epilepsy have dangerously low appetites? My family yells at me to eat, and I never feel hungry. In my current living situation, food being there to eat is not a problem, it's my appetite. When I am able to eat, I do feel better. Any cures for appetite loss?

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I, too, suspected that blood sugar plays a role in my seizures. I was tested in the hospital with a 72 hour fast and they said that nothing came up abnormal. However, when I told a diabetic friend what my blood sugar levels had been he said, "that's quite low".

I have been keeping a detailed journal of my seizures (partials) and when they occur, and there is a definite correlation between eating and seizures. In my case, I tend to have them when I am hungry, and then right after I eat, as my blood sugar spikes.

High protein diet has been recommended to me, also. Esp. protein in the morning.

Hope you feel better soon-- and do insist on complete testing.

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They put you in the hospital for 72 hours?  I tend to have seizures when I'm hungry.  After the seizure nothing will get me up....except FOOD!  I can't imagine a G.P. ordering a test like that.  Should I talk to him first or my neurologist?