Hi, I'm new here... can this symptoms be simple partial seizures?

Hello everyone, I'm 24 years old and I just wanted to talk about what I've been expiriencing since last year. It all began in summer 2013. I was driving and suddently I got this weird deja vu feeling that I never expirienced before. It was really, really intense and got a pain in my gut and a sensation like If I had butterflies in my stomach, followed by nausea and coughing. When I have this episodes they last a few seconds or a little bit longer. I don't lose consciousness but I have to take it easy for a while 'cause I get tired and sometimes I feel kinda dizzy. I had those episodes maybe a few times a day (or less) for a couple of months until they went away but their own. So I never went to the doctor or told no one about what I was experiencing. But a few weeks ago It all came back. Same episodes but more intense and more frecuently. I read in the internet about simple partial seizures, and although I haven't gone to the doctor's office to get check (I'm a little scared to find out what I have) I really believe that I have simple partial seizures. Does someone here have simple partial seizures that can tell me a little more about it? What can cause this? How did you got diagnosed? What medications are you using? Is there any complications? etc. I will appreciate all the information you can give me.