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Help? can it be epilepsy?

2 years ago my left side went numb for 3 months completely from waist up but i felt fine. 3 months later it came back. Than my right side would go numb start tingling or be throbbing pain on and off. doctor s and phsical therapy nobody could figure it out. I had diagnoses from fibermyg,rhum.- arthritis,lupas, tumors, thoracic outlet syndrom-almost had surgery for that one, all in my head. I went from 1 dr in our group to another. At this time now Im feeling sick, Im getting dizzy, feeling like Im going to pass out, going to throw up all the time, everything was loud, I couldnt remember words, couldnt focus on things. It would come in these waves.  Than my left side would just start shaking. Not like violently but enough. When I drove off the rode for the 2nd time they did an eeg and diagnosed epilepsy. Im on my 6th medicine combo and my new nuro. For almost 9 months and Lyrica I feel better but I still have a "drunk" feeling all day that lasts for most of the day. (It hasnt changed no matter what meds I switch to) I feel like these "seizures" lasts most of the day sometimes not just a few moments like I read about most everyone else has. I still have the shakes where I feel like people who dont know me think Im a junkie needing to get high cuz its always there. could this be epilepsy or could it be a wrong diagnosis? I havent seen anybody else whose seizures are hour or two long and on meds?

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