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football and seizures???

Hi i have a 12 year old that had one seizure(epilepsy), and plays in sports football and basketball(coaches do know about this). His seizure was in Febuary, but he still has a spacing out spell which i guess is concider a seizure(i guess it could be absence seizure). I'm always wanting him to play sports but know not so sure especially football. We are looking to put him on medication before football what kind of medication would be good... i know different meds have reation to different people, but i don't want anything to change in my son like moody or different thoughts. Medicine scares me now in days you just don't know how it will effect a child. Plus is it okay for him to play..dr says yes..i'm just worried i there any other parents that child is playing sports with having this same child still doing okay without problems?? It could be im still new and tring to figure out epilepsy if anyone could give meds info or on sports with elilepsy would great. Thanks

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