Eye fluttering during EEG

Hi all! I had my second EEG in 7 years a couple days ago. During my EEG I had uncontrollable eye fluttering and twitching after the hyperventilation and strobe tests. It took me off guard since I had an EEG 7 years ago with normal results, no twitching, no reactions. 

I went back in for the EEG and MRI because of my migraines but also because I've been having terrible brain fog, disorientation, forgetfulness, coordination problems, tingling in my arms. You name it. It's been very hard to manage at work and I've also fallen down the stairs at home a couple times. I'll go out grocery shopping and feel dizzy (almost like I have low blood sugar kind of a feeling) and I just feel disorientated and confused. I'm exhausted all the time. 

I am anxious to hear back from the neurologist this week. What is "normal" during an EEG ? Has anyone had physical reactions without abnormal activity shown on the EEG itself? I'm nervous to get real results and also nervous to be told everything is normal.