Epilepsy diagnosis? Yes or no?

So last July I was working night shift, so I slept during the day.  I had a grand mal seizure around 8am.  I was asleep and my wife woke up and immediately called 911.  I don't remember anything until the hospital, even though my seizure had stopped before the paramedics had ever arrived.  The ER docs ran some tests (blood, urine checks mostly).  Everything seemed normal from what they told me so they immediately discharged me (I was in the hospital for probably an hour).  My wife and I get home after grabbig food and around 11am I fell asleep.  Within 15-20minutes of falling asleep (actually on my couch), I had another grand mal seizure.  I went back to the ER and they went ahead and admitted me.  I spent 3 nights in hospital while they observed me and started running tests.  They did a CT scan, EEG, and several more blood & urine tests.  Every test came back normal.  I saw two neurologists while in the hospital and they had no input really as far as the cause or what to do.  Shortly after I saw my primary care doctor, who referred me to a neurologist.  He ran three sleep deprived EEGs over a series of days and studied the results from my previous EEG and CT scan.  After several visits (probably a month after my seizures) I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  I'm still shocked that only two episodes can cause this diagnoses.  I mean I have no TBI history or family history, which seem to be the main causes.  I take 1500mg of Keppra daily.  I have not had any additional seizures.    What do you guys think?  Jumping the gun on the diagnoses or am I still in denial?