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Did I have a seizure?

I had a very scary expierence today. For the past few days I've felt sort of out of it and like I am in a dream. Today I was at my friends, sitting on a couch when I started to realize how sweaty my palms were. I think just started feeling sick, like something was coming over me. Kind of hard to describe. Then the next thing I know I'm so short of breath and my body is shaking all over, and all I can think is I am dying. My friend thought it was a panic attack (nothing would have triggered that and I've had one before-nothing like this) but he told me that I needed to breath because I wasn't. When I was able to, I started gasping for air and it took me about two-five minutes to lower my pounding heart rate by taking deep breaths. After the fact I felt really dizzy, confused, tired and emotional. I also got a really bad headache and pain near my eyes. Not sure if it was a really bad panic attack or something more. I started reading on here, and one thing that stuck out to me was the déjà vu. While I was going through my expierence, I felt like I had felt that way before. Like a drug flashback type of feeling. Any help would be awesome thanks!

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