DejaVu and a weird smell

I am so happy I found this site today.
My husband kept telling me to see a doctor but I thought a doc would think I was nuts if I walked in there and said I was having Deja Vu and smelling something weird.
I have been having these episodes too but have not been able to describe them.
I also thought I was just remembering a dream from the previous night. Usually this would start after having a restless night sleep with disturbing dreams.

It then starts with a weird feeling in my stomach and then the strong sense of Deja Vu then dizziness and that sense that I am out of myself. And sometimes I can hear someone yelling in my left ear. The episodes that are really strong are coupled with that smell. I can't explain what kind of a smell it is but I remember thinking the first time it happened that it is a familiar smell but I can't pin point what it is exactly.

I was told that I had a seizure about 2 years ago but I was a heavy drinker and thought it was just a withdrawal from alcohol. Now when I have these what I call "smell episodes" sometimes I am really scared and think I am having a stroke.

When I had my alcohol withdrawal seizure the person I was with said I kept asking him if he smelled that weird smell and then after that my eyes rolled back in my head and I started to turn blue. He gave me mouth to mouth and I came out of it.

I have never had anything like that again but about once a month now I have this Deja Vu thing. It happens off and on all day and then the next day it is like nothing ever happened.

My husband thought maybe it was because of menapause ( I am 48) and it was a hormone imbalance so I made an appt with the doc.

I went to the doctor today for an EEG. I told the technician that it might sound weird but the only way I could describe it is to say it is like Deja Vu but a scary Deja Vu and a sick feeling in my stomach accompanied by dizziness and hot flash and pulse racing. She made me feel so much better when she said I am not the only one that experiences this and that it is related to seizures. She said my EEG looked normal now what?

I will keep checking back to this discussion.

thanks for sharing everyone. Now I don't feel like such a nut.


Re: DejaVu and a weird smell

You need to see a neurologist to rule out seizures.  Menapause and the change it brings hormone-wise can sometimes trigger seizures/epilepsy.  Tell him/her what you're experiencing (write this out ahead of time).  Keep a seizure diary that includes the date, time, and anything else you can manage to remember.  Take someone with you to keep notes and add their observations/thoughts.  That's the best advice I can give you.  Get a referral from your gp (general physician).  Good luck!

Re: DejaVu and a weird smell

A normal eeg is actually something a lot of people get.  They still have epilepsy/seizures.  Even if the eeg is "normal" you really need to talk to a neuro.   Mine was abnormal (thank you drunk driver).  Seizures suck.  I had them (undiagnosed) for 8 years until a civilian doc saw me and referred me.  The meds stopped the seizures (mostly).  I give him a hug and a "thank you" every time I see him.  I have been through 4 med changes and I've been seizure free for 10 months. It feels good!  One word of warning:  Expect changes (mine were major) in the way you think, retain memory, have balance, finding words, feel nauseas, feel (emotionally) with aeds (anti epileptic drugs).  Don't be surprised that they happen.  I'm on 600mg of Lamictal xr for complex/simple partial seizures.  There are nasty side effects, but it's worth it being seizure free.  Good luck and I hope this answers your questions!

Re: DejaVu and a weird smell


You still may be a nut, but it is not related to the seizures.  lol.

normal eeg is not uncommon.  It sounds like seizure activity.

Keep a journal of all the activity.  give a copy to your doc.  that makes it easier for both.

the menopause is an issue to take up with the OB/GYN.  there are some connections with hormones and seizures.

Beleive in yourself.  What you feel is real.  Education is the key to understanding this stuff. 

You are not alone.

Re: DejaVu and a weird smell

I've had a lot of what you've described.  I've sometimes had a weird smell as I feel the deja vu feeling coming on, though not all the time. 

I've just turned 47 and though I think menopause is yet to hit me, my seizures have changed a bit over the last 3-4 months.  I have 98% of my complex partial seizures 2-3 days before my period, every month. 

You mentioned that you have a weird feeling in your stomach.  While I don't have that, some people do.  I thought my doctor would think I was crazy when I told him about my simple partial seizures.  I have them at least 5 times a day, every day, and they make me smile or laugh, and I can't control it.  Is that weird or what?  I think the feeling in your stomach, or my smile depends on what part of your brain is involved.