Could this be epilepsy?

Hi, basically i'm 22 years old and i've been getting these "funny feelings" for around 6 months. I feel kind of dizzy/lightheaded and i have this jerky/twitchy feeling inside me, especially my neck and head. When i feel like this i blink or just screw my eyes up a lot and find myself grinding my teeth and i feel extremely tired and find it very hard to concentrate, sometimes i also feel very nervous/scared. This feeling can last for hours and then nothing happens. On a few occasions i have passed out after these "funny feelings" and then when i wake up i feel fine apart from the tiredness. My mum has been on Epilepsy medication all of her life and now my cousin is being tested for it so i was wondering does this make me more likely to have it? I have been to my GP and they did blood tests and an ekg(?) (heart test) and all that was normal so they just put it down to being over tired. Am i worrying over nothing? I haven't actually ever had a full blown seizure so does that mean it can't be epilepsy?