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Bulldog with seizures

Hi, I'm new to this but I have a Bulldog that has had 6 seizures within 8 mos.. It is definately grand mall seizures, expelling body fluids and very disoriented afterwards. The vet just put her on a low dose of phenobarbital. It scares me to death everytime she has one because they are not regular, usually at night time when everyone is asleep. She sleeps in my bed so I know when she has one because she falls off the bed. She is getting spayed in June. I had shown her in AKC confirmation and has had 2 litters of pups. Does anyone know where I can get more info on this. Is it hereditary? I read around 2-3 yrs. old is when epiepsy is seen if dogs are to get it. Is this true? Has anyone had the same problem or seen anything like this? Thank you


Years ago my first cat developed epilepsy when she was probably about 3 yrs old or so.  She would start licking her tail, then biting her tail, then urinate all over the place and run away.  I was so stunned when the vet told me she was having seizures!  At that time I was in my early 20's.  (20 yrs later, I get diagnosed with epilepsy - ironic!)  I remember the vet had given me some sort of pills to give her.  Once I got her on the meds, she was just fine!  Apart from my cat, I had never heard of animals having epilepsy.  I wonder how common that is.

Is the phenobarbital working, do you see any improvement?


I don't have any animals pasr or present that have or have had epilepsy but I did find these two links that may help. Good luck!


Thank you very much it was helpful in reading about.

My mom had a cocker spaniel that had seizures---the vet told her he could try to treat it but that there hadn't been a lot of success treating epilepsy in dogs (this was about 10 years ago). The dog had an occasional seizure and then they became more frequent. My mom couldn't bear to see the dog having them, and she decided it would be better to put to dog down, after it seized for about 30 minutes one day. It was a difficult thing to watch. The vet said some breeds are more prone to them than others, I don't know if this is true or not.

Hi everyone!
Lots of advances in treating seizures in dogs as well as with people! Many meds used in people can be used in dogs, but need to consider cost and whether you have animal insurance to cover it. Ask the vet about all the options as seizures can be treated!
Good luck, Resource Specialist

I have a 2 year old bulldog that takes 100 mg of phenobarb in the morning,, and 100 at night plus 5ml of potasium bromide.  He was having 3-4 seizures a week until we got the medicine right.  He is down to 1-3 a month now.  I worry about the effects the medicine will have on his extended health.

anniemarie, Yes alot of full breeds akc, ckc can have this from hereditary. My Grandmother had a poodle that had Seizures and it is true because I own a 2 yr old akc choc/blue applehead chihuahua that has some Genetic problems from the parents and it is the full breeds that has the genitic problems with mutes that do not have this kind of problems and this is a well known fact, u can ask any akc or ckc breeder they will tell u the same. It is wonderful to have a full breed but there are alot of risks when you get one at 8 wks old and sometimes will not find out about any Hereidty problems sometimes untill they are 3 to 6 mths. But I am sure by now u know there is meds u can get from your vet to give to your bulldog for Seizures just like humans

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