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Almost 42 & just diagnosed.

Hi, I am brand new to this. Been dealing with symptoms for over a year, but was only diagnosed a few weeks ago. I have partial seizures, and I only know that because I read about it. My neurologist informed me that I was 'prone to Epileptic type seizures.' He gave me a precription for Tegretol and that was that. He told me nothing. So, here I am. I'm feeling scared and alone. My family tries to understand what my seizures feel like to me (since they can't see anything happen), but they just can't grasp it. I don't know how they could... I can barely grasp this myself. I did call my doctor back once. I asked if this will get worse. You know, I don't want to drop into a convulsion with only me and my 6 year old son home. That would scare him to death! He told me that he didn't think it should. Well, that was reassuring, let me tell you. DIDN'T BELIEVE IT SHOULD! Here I am, only a few weeks later, and I'm experiencing a change in my mind, a sporatic twitching in my feet and upper legs, and at times, a bit of trouble saying words properly. I am scared. I'm terrified. And I feel alone.

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