Abnormal EEG

I started having "spells" after the birth of my daughter.  They were so unpleasant I vowed I would never have more children, and I didn't.  The "spells" are hard to describe.  The typical spell would be a deja vu picture or memory followed by a wave-like sensation of mild to bad to mild.  Sometimes, when I would have a really bad spell, I would go from deja vu right to Bad, without the gradual buildup.  It was an altered sense of reality, like I was there but not there.  I would get nauseus and often vomited. The spells lasted about a minute with no loss of consciousness.  I had multiple spells every day.  This lasted for 7 months.  And then, like someone flipped a switch, they went away.  I hadn't had a spell in over 20 years and then suddenly, I had a spell.  I just dreaded the idea that I was going to start having spells again.  It's been a few years now.  The spells aren't as bad or as frequent,so I just tried to accept them.  Finally, I had a really intense one at work and I decided I needed to get help. Who does one see for "spells?"  I thought I was crazy, so I went to a psychiatrist.  The Psychatrist told me I wasn't crazy, she said she thought I was having seizures.  I was STUNNED!  That never entered my mind.  

I just got my EEG results this morning...Abnormal left temporal region.  It looks like focal seizures. I was actualy relieved.  That probably DOES sound crazy, but I was just happy to be able to put a name to it.  Anyone have any experience with what comes next?  Am I going to lose my liicense?  Rx?